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Work Boot Sizing Guide: Find Your Right Fit

Boots for work comes constructed with the right cushioning features that keep the feet protected all day long. Nevertheless, you have to stay comfortable in these shoes to get the most out of them. Ill-fitting work boots would be a catastrophic experience. However, you can use this work boot sizing guide to pick the right-sized work boot.

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How to Choose Work Boots that Fits Right

You can successfully get shoes that fit right only when you know your feet’ measurements. The width and length of your feet would ensure you pick matching pairs of work boots. You would need a sheet (or file folder), ruler or measuring tape, pencils, and your regular socks for work boots.

Here’s how to measure your feet.

  • Lay the sheet of paper on the floor and sit close to it
  • Enclose your feet in your socks, as they add some volumes to the feet

Note: There is a need to measure your feet with the socks since you would be wearing them with the boot. Such action would prevent you from buying tight work boots

  • Then, lay your foot on the paper and get the outline drawn on the sheet using your pencil
  • Measure a straight line from the biggest toe to the heel of the outline; this s the length
  • Further, measure the largest part of the foot across the outline; this is the width
  • You can now match these measurements across the sizing chart.

Work Boot Sizing Chart

For simple size conversion, you can use this sizing chart below to help you make the right choice.

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Foot Length (cm)US WomenUS MenEuropeanUK
Work Boot Sizing Chart

You can scan through the shoe store’s sizing chart, searching for the width that appears close to your foot’s width.

Final Thoughts

Work boots are one of the requirements for most workplaces, as they come in handy protecting the feet. You need the correct boot size to keep your feet relaxed and save them from any potential injuries. Ill-fitting work boots can cause some blisters and sores around the toes and other parts of your foot.

You can only purchase the right fitting footwear if you know the measurement of your feet. Hence, you need to know your feet measurement, and you can use this boot sizing guide to make the right choice.

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