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Best Squash Shoes For Wide Feet

Squash is one fun game that actively engages players on the court as they move and toss the ball. One common question on the mind of squash players is the best shoe that suits this exercise. It appears like a daunting task picking the proper footwear for playing squash and even harder for people with wide feet. Nevertheless, this piece holds the best squash shoes for wide feet.

Feature Of A Good Squash Shoe

Top-quality squash shoes are essential for players, as they help in achieving an enjoyable and successful game. With that in mind, the following are features of good squash shoes.

Low Profile: 

Squash shoes often come with low heels to prevent folks from slipping as they move across the court.

Excellent Traction: 

There are squash shoes that come with rubber soles that offer great support and ensures players don’t slip off during the game.

Excellent Cushioning: 

It would be of great help if your feet remain comfy all through the game, and good squash shoes come with excellent cushioning. Many options with soft and comfortable midsoles ensure the feet don’t get tired during activities.


Squash is one game that involves lots of movements, and as such, good squash shoes are designed to be lightweight.

Squash Shoes Sizing Guide 

It is pretty crucial that your squash shoes have a snug feel but don’t appear overly tight. Thus, it would help if you followed the guide below to pick the right shoes for the game.

Measure your feet: Kindly get your feet’s length and width measurement using a ruler or tape. You can get the racing of each foot on paper and try to measure accurately. 

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Use the size chart: There are often size charts for various shoes at the shoe store. Thus, you should check through squash shoes and match your feet measurement to a suitable size.

Try them on: If you are at a physical store, it would be great to try the selected shoe on, ensuring that it feels comfy and snug around your feet.

What Are The Best Squash Shoes For Wide Feet? Top 4 Reviewed

01. Salming Kobra Mid 2 Men’s Squash Sports Shoes

Key Features

  • Low-top styles
  • Reinforced heel
  • Softfoam heel insert

This lightweight footwear is one excellent squash shoe that supports fantastic movement across the court. Its ExoSkeleton design keeps the foot stabilized for lateral movements and further reduces the pressure on the big toe. The leather material suits squash playing on indoor courts and provide maximum flexibility.


  • True to size
  • Attractive design
  • Complete support for the feet


  • The heel may appear worn after a while

02. ASICS Gel Rocket 10 Women’s Court Shoes

Key Features

  • Synthetic leather
  • GEL cushioning
  • Rubber sole

This footwear delivers excellent cushioning and focuses on improving stability on the court. The flexible upper material and GEL technology cushion unit beneath the feet work well to keep you comfy throughout the game. Again, the outsole’s flexible grooves help in generating a smooth landing.


  • Excellent cushioning from the midsole
  • It offers enough traction
  • It allows free movement of the feet


  • The size may run small

03. Head Sprint Men’s Pro Indoor Shoe

Key Features

  • Rubber sole
  • Thermoplastic polyurethane heel
  • 100% mesh material
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The classic styles of this footwear make it pretty attractive, accompanied by the fact that it comes with various features that keep the feet comfy. On the squash court, you can find this shoe working perfectly and freeing your feet from pain, thanks to its spacious design. Furthermore, your feet would be free from sweaty moisture and odor since it is breathable.


  • It offers sufficient traction
  • Excellent breathability
  • Wide toe area


  • It may not appear as the “grippiest” on the court

04. Salming Viper 5 Women’s Indoor Court Shoes

Key Features

  • Ergo heel cup
  • Synthetic ViperSKIN material
  • Rollerball technology

This shoe comes with sturdy construction that suits players seeking footwear that supports their fast pace. Since it is lightweight, you can move across the court with ease. Thus, this appears suitable for female squash players who seek comfort, support, and stability in a shoe.


  • Excellent cushioning
  • Sticky sole for added support
  • Medium width


  • None

Considerations For Getting Squash Shoes

There are a few factors that should come to your mind while thinking of shopping for a squash shoe, and they include:

Weight: The movements involved in playing squash would often require lightweight shoes to help save your feet from stress.

Ankle Support: The support needed for your ankle would depend on how big or small they are, and if you have big ankles, you should consider getting footwear that is not necessarily tight.

Sole And Cushioning: Rubber soles offer sufficient traction; thus, it would be a great idea to get shoes with such features. Also, it would help if you considered getting shoes with excellent cushioning to keep your feet comfy.

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Cost: there are various cheap shoes in the market, but they may appear low quality. Thus, it would help if you looked out for top-quality options and come at a fair price.


Are Squash Shoes Essential?

Running and shortstops are often attributed to squash games, and as such, you would need suitable footwear to keep your feet safe and comfy throughout the entire exercise. As much as any footwear would offer some level of protection and support, squash shoes come designed with excellent features that would support all forms of movement during the game.

Are Squash Shoes Costly?

The cost of squash shoes varies, and you can find many cheap and expensive options. Nevertheless, it would help if you went for pretty affordable quality shoes. Some essential squash shoes fall between the ranges of $60 to $180.

How Can I Prevent My Squash Shoe From Developing Odor?

Stuffing some dry paper into the shoe would do well in absorbing moisture and preventing the shoe from developing an odor. Nevertheless, you can get some deodorizing products from the market to further help out.

Final Words

 The right shoes go a long way in improving your performance as you move around the court enjoying your game of squash. Nevertheless, it always seems like a challenge for folks with wide feet shopping for shoes that fit right. Are you a squash player with wide feet? Then, this review on the best squash shoes for wide feet would help you make a better choice.

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