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How Comfortable Shoes can Improve Your Health?

Our footwear does not just offer a stylish appearance but also has a great impact on our health. You may not be expecting such but some pain around your feet and microbial infections around your feet, backaches, Achilles pain, and some other health issues may result from the kind of footwear you use. Thus, it is quite crucial to learn how comfortable shoes can improve your health, and how to make better shoe choices.

5 Top Health Benefits from Comfortable Footwear

There are various benefits your body enjoys wearing the right footwear but here are five benefits you can enjoy from wearing comfortable shoes.

Keeping Your Feet Away from Pain

For most persons, they do not go on a day without experiencing pain around their foot, and this can be attributed to their footwear. Such kind of shoes comes designed with a poor cushion that subjects the feet to incredible stress. Shoes that seem too narrow may make it difficult for your feet to remain stable and invariably lead to some deformities.

However, comfortable shoes can prevent your feet from developing pain even if you stand, run, and walk all day. With comfortable pumps, boots, or sneakers, your feet can remain free from blisters and bunion growth. These sets of shoes keep all angles of your feet relaxed and make you walk or run faster in them without stress.

Freeing Your Spine from Stress

Comfortable shoes that fit right and come with the right support features can help absorb shock as they fit into your natural arch. In case you are wondering how shoes can attribute to spine stress, it would help to note that shoes that provide little or no arch support can cause chronic backache. 

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Still not convinced? 

Have you tried walking in heels that seem quite uncomfortable and leave your arch in so much pain? Did you feel your back arching over time? Well, it’s those horrible shoes and it would help if your footwear always has cushions for excellent arch support.

Makes the Blood Circulate Better

By now, you should know that poor circulation of blood around your feet can decrease your ability to move, with the restriction of oxygen movement. When your shoes feel excessively tight, they tend to restrict the flow of blood, and as such create excessive pressure that leaves you prone to needles and pins.

On the other hand, blood circulation occurs freely with comfortable shoes. You can find footwear with the right length and with that features breathable straps that comes easy to adjust. Such a kind of footwear would not restrict the flow of blood nor prevent venous return.

Keep Your Feet Free from Fungal Infections

In my experience, shoes that offer excellent breathability and keep the feet relaxed have lesser chances of leaving a spot for fungal infections. Think about it: A footwear that leaves your feet wet from all those sweaty moisture and those that lack waterproof features can lead to toenail fungal infections.

Your feet requires the right space for easy movement and great ventilation for excellent breathability. Try to look for footwear that features a mesh design to allow moisture escape and a waterproof feature to keep water away. Such comfortable shoes that also come resistant to water can zero out the damp environment that fungal organisms thrive.

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Offers a Better Posture

One of the best ways to improve your body posture is by wearing the right shoes, as all your bodyweight gets to your feet when you stand upright. Thus, comfortable footwear can help your feet bear all these weights and provide the right support features. Best of all, such shoes allow you to walk with ease while you remain upright and improve your posture. You can stand taller in them and feel more confident.

Problems Associated with wearing the wrong Shoes

There are various health issues you tend to face from wearing bad shoes that cause pain and discomfort, and they include:


The wrong shoes can indeed lead to nerve damage, and as such, it is advisable to wear footwear that does tighten your toes. Shoes that appear completely flat and heels may also pose a threat; thus, you can get those with a slight platform. To help provide an easy means of adjusting your shoes when tight, get those with buckles or lace.

Back Distress

Wrong shoes can cause your back to ache, and high heels seems to be the common shoe type that keeps most persons uncomfortable. Flats can also offer very little support that leads to shock with arch pain. So, you can help save your back from stress by getting footwear that has features to support your feet’ arch and align your spine.

Ingrown Toenails

If you keep wearing tight shoes, featuring a flat design that seem narrow, there are greater chances of having ingrown toenails. Simply put, the pressure the shoe causes affects the nails and push them into the skin. So, get shoes that offer sufficient space for your toes, and ensure your toes don’t feel cramped when purchasing a new shoe.

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Tips for Choosing Comfortable Shoes

Are you find it challenging to choose shoes that offer great comfort? Have a peek through the tips below:

  • Take cognizance of your foot arch type and get shoes that suit right.
  • Go for top-quality footwear with a flexible sole, excellent traction, and a soft feel.
  • Go through the size chart and pick a good fit. It would be best if you also go to stores and get the shoes tested before making purchases.
  • Take a close look at the size of the heel; do not go for shoes with excessively high heels.
  • Consider the distance between the shoe’s heel and the sole; distances less than 3cm would make you feel uncomfortable.

Bottom Line

You stand to benefit a lot from wearing the right shoes, as there are various ways how comfortable shoes can improve your health. They prevent pains around the foot up to your Achilles, and even your spine. Thus, it would help if you check the various shoe options thoroughly and pick the best fit to keep you comfortable and improve your health.

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