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4 Best Dance Shoes for Wide Feet

Dancing shoes are crucial for a good dance, as they help keep the dancer’s feet relaxed with the movement of the rhythm. Nevertheless, only the right shoes can create that particular dance pleasure. But, it always seems like a daunting task shopping for dancing shoes, much more when you have wide feet. Don’t worry; this piece would reveal the best dance shoes for wide feet.

Feature of a Good Dance Shoe for Wide Feet

Dancing shoes differ from regular shoes, as they help prevent possible injuries while performing on the dance floor. The following are characteristics of good dancing shoes.


The flexibility of dancing shoes is excellent, as they allow better movement. You can often find such footwear having a smooth sole that would help you execute turns.


Shoes that hurt the toes, ankle, or ball of the feet would not allow you to dance with ease. Hence, dancing shoes come with excellent features that keep the feet relaxed.

Extra Cushioning: 

The activities during dancing would often put your feet is some pressure; thus, good dancing shoes have additional cushioning that supports the feet all day long.


Dancing involves lots of movements, and it wouldn’t be a good idea to wear shoes that appear heavy. Thus, good dancing shoes are constructed to be lightweight to support the easy movement.

Styles of Dance Shoes

Dancing shoes vary, depending on the style of dance you engage in, and as such, below are some common types of footwear used for dances.

Pointe Shoes: 

These options work well for advanced ballet dancers, featuring premium box and platform fronts that allow female folks to walk on their toes while dancing.

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Ballet Shoes: 

The ballet shoes come with leather, canvas, or satin and feature a thick sole.

Tap Shoes: 

This option comes with metal taps beneath the toe and heel, and as such, creates sounds when dancers strike their feet on the floor.

Foot Thongs: 

These “slip-ons” only cover the foons ball and are used mainly by lyrical or contemporary dancers.

Jazz Shoes: 

These Jazz shoes come in slip-on, having split soles and low heels. You can often find them having elastic designs or secure laces that keep them in place throughout the dancing activity.

Dance Shoes Sizing Guide 

In a bid to get the right shoe for dancing, you must ensure that you pick one that fits right. Thus, you would need the measurement of your feet, and you can use the steps below to get started:

  • Step One: Kindly get a paper and place each foot atop. Then, mark a line above your most significant toe and another beneath your heel. Doing so would give you the length of your feet.
  • Step Two: Mark two lines at the most significant part of your foot to get its foot.
  • Step Three: Use a measuring tape or ruler to get the length and width measurements and match them to the store’s shoe sizing guide.

What are the Best Dance Shoes for Wide Feet?

SANSHA Motion Dance Sneakers

Key Features

  • Suede and mesh material
  • 1¼ inch heel
  • Rubber sole

This footwear is an excellent option for folks looking for affordable dancing shoes without tampering with the quality. Thanks to the mesh and suede material, it has exceptional breathability, and its flexible rubber spilt sole offers excellent support. Furthermore, it comes with moderate arch support.

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  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Top-quality construction
  • It is very affordable


  • This footwear often run small in size

Almanza Women’s Dance Shoes

Key Features

  • Nubuck and Mesh material
  • Suede sole
  • Medium width

These dancing shoes for ladies come with a 1.8-inch heel that makes it easier for beginners and advanced dancers to practice. It is a comfortable option for folks with wide feet, and you would find it pretty flexible and lightweight. Kindly consider getting this footwear if you engage in Salsa, Jive, Samba, Latin, ChaChaCha, and Rumba.


  • Top-quality suede sole
  • Sturdy and supportive
  • Affordable 


  • Some persons find the heel slightly high

Bloch Women’s Super Jazz Dance Leather Shoe

Key Features

  • Leather and rubber sole
  • 100% leather top
  • Cotton lining

This Jazz shoe is an excellent option for ladies with wide feet, as it comes with an elastic top piece, which further allows easy changes. The lightweight split sole offers enough balance and also appears pretty durable. For extra breathability, this footwear comes with a lining made of 100% cotton.


  • It provides sufficient balance on the dance floor
  • It is durable and flexible
  • The elastic top offers a better grip


  • It may run small in size

Capezio Canvas Men’s Romeo Ballet Shoe

Key Features

  • Suede material
  • Elastic heel
  • Moisture absorbent

This ballet shoe for men from Capezio comes with various excellent features that support the feet on the dance floor. It is spacious and can easily fit people with wide feet. Again, this shoe option is very flexible and readily absorbs moisture, preventing the feet from developing sweat odor.

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  • It is very spacious
  • Top-quality
  • Flexible and comfortable


  • None


 Which style of dancing shoes is suitable?

The type of dancing shoes you buy depends on the kind of dance you do. Nevertheless, you can choose from ballet shoes, pointe, jazz, and tap shoes.

How can I care for my dancing shoe?

It will help to clean your dancing shoe after each use and polish leather shoes to make them appear more attractive.

Are dance shoes necessary?

The different dance shoes come constructed with support features that match your dance style, and as such, your feet would thank you for wearing them in place of regular footwear while dancing.

Final Words

Dancing is a fun-filled activity that requires the right shoes for a tremendous performance. Nevertheless, it has always been an issue for folks with wide feet to choose the proper footwear, and dancers with wide feet are not exempted. Regardless, this review on the best dance shoes for wide feet can guide you on picking the right option that would keep your feet comfy.

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