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4 Best Driving Shoes for Wide Feet

Car enthusiasts can tell that the feet do a lot of work while driving and need suitable footwear to ensure you remain comfy. However, choosing the right shoe, mainly in terms of size, remains a big challenge. This challenge gets tougher with folks with wide feet; hence, this review on the best driving shoes for wide feet.

Feature of a Good Driving Shoe for Wide Feet

Some of the features you would find in a good driving shoe include:

Ease of Use: 

It would seem like a great challenge if you stop the vehicle before changing into your driving shoes. Thus, good driving shoes allow easy use, as you can slip them on while driving.


If you often engage in long drives, it would help to access driving shoes with good comfort features to keep your feet free from fatigue all day long.

Breathable Lining: 

Good driving shoes come with linings that keep the feet cozy, ensuring that your foot does not slide out. Since the lining of such driving shoes does not appear firm, your feet can remain free from blisters.


Some folks would often move their feet on the pedals after a while of driving. Thus, good driving shoes have great mobility that allows excellent ankle mobility.


You would often find good driving shoes that appear lightweight, as they enable the feet to engage the pedals quickly on the road.

Types of Driving Shoes

There are various driving shoes; however, the following are some common styles of driving shoes.

  • Split sole driving shoes: This driving shoe style comes with a double piece covering the shoe’s bottom and offers excellent flexibility.
  • Leather/suede driving shoes: Driving shoes made from excellent leather or suede material often conform to the feet and allow sufficient airflow; thus, preventing sweat and odor.
  • Extended sole driving shoes: You would often find this option amongst moccasins and loafers, with the sole and sides made from a piece of suede or leather.
  • Synthetic driving shoes: These options often appear less expensive, moisture-resistant, and easy to clean. 
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Driving Shoes Fitting and Sizing Guide 

The right size of shoe is crucial, as tight shoes can cause severe discomfort and injuries. With that in mind, this guide below would help you choose the right fit while shopping for driving shoes.

  • Measure your feet using a suitable measuring tape or ruler after tracing the ends of each foot on a transparent sheet of paper.
  • Using the feet measurement, check the standard size on the shoe size chart you find at the store.
  • Pick the right-sized shoe and further test them; walk around a bit to ensure the footwear fits right.

What are the Best Driving Shoes for Wide Feet?

Hush Puppies AIDI Mocc Women’s Driving Shoe

Likable Features

  • 100% leather
  • Rubber sole
  • Genuine leather soft lining 

The HPO2Flex cushioning of this footwear makes it a fantastic option for driving, as it allows excellent circulation of air around the feet and offers excellent flexibility. Again, the unlined upper part of this shoe provides a relaxed feel, thanks to the genuine leather. Furthermore, you can find the WaveReflex patterned outsole providing excellent support.


  • Comfortable
  • Flexible
  • It offers sufficient traction


  • None

OrthoComfoot Men’s Loafers

Likable Features

  • Rubber outsole
  • Canvas top
  • Latex metatarsal support pad

This shoe comes constructed with sufficient space that works well for drivers with wide feet. The good news is that it supports the feet of folks previously suffering from heel and foot pain. The soft cushioning layer of the PU foam base keeps the feet relaxed, and it has a massaging gel for absorbing shock.

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  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable upper material
  • Top-quality insole


  • It feels too large for some folks

Dr. Scholl’s Women’s Drive Shoes

Likable Features

  • Fabric and synthetic material
  • Non-marking outsole
  • Rubber sole

This shoe is one option that can help keep your feet energized all day long as you drive. The sole of this footwear appears pretty durable and quite flexible. Again, the footwear has excellent anti-slip features and seems to be oil-resistant. With the built-in space and cushioning elements, people with wide feet can wear this shoe.


  • Attractive design
  • Lightweight
  • Prevents foot fatigue


  • None

Cole Haan Men’s Moccasin

Likable Features

  • 100% leather
  • Rubber and leather sole
  • Low heel – 1.25 inch

This driving shoe is fantastic footwear that offers excellent comfort and comes in a simple style yet is constructed with top-quality materials. The rubber treads of the sole and heel of this shoe provide adequate support for you while seated or standing. The shoes slotted eyelet lacing provides a more attractive appearance and a neat tie closure for an excellent fashion statement.


  • The outsole offers excellent grip
  • Excellent design
  • It comes with a heel protector and flexible sole


  • Some persons experience a stiff rub on the heel


 Can I drive barefooted?

It is known that driving shoes provide added support and pressure on the pedal that helps the car stop better. Nevertheless, you can also drive barefooted, but you may start to feel some discomfort.

What type of driving shoes should I get?

There are various options in the market, and the one you choose would depend on your budget and preferences.

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Is there any need for socks while wearing a driving shoe?

Whether or not you wear socks with your driving shoes depends on your desire, as some folks wear socks to feel the pedal’s lesser impact while others would like their driving shoes without any socks.

Final Words

Shoes offer excellent protection for the feet and keep them comfortable at all times. Thus, driving shoes have unique features designed to provide the proper support and grip on the pedal. 

There are various driving shoes in the market, but only a few have nice features that make them an excellent option for people with wide feet. This review holds some of the best driving shoes for wide feet and can help folks make a more natural decision.

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