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Most Comfortable Heels for Wide Feet Reviewed

Heels are attractive shoe options that reveal a great fashion sense amongst female folks.  Nevertheless, some ladies would need to try on many shoes before finding the perfect fit. Moreover, the selection process becomes more challenging for people with wide feet.

So, if you’ve been having difficulty finding heels that fit your wide feet, you are not alone. I have listed some of the most comfortable heels for wide feet to relieve the stress of trying so many heels. It will also help you choose heels that are perfect for your feet.

Features of a Good Heel

There are some things to look out for when shopping for the right heels, especially if you have wide feet. Such things include:


You can look out for brands that have wide shoe sizes as their heels usually have wide insoles. However, even if you find fabulous heels that don’t have wide measures, you may check customers” reviews to see if someone will mention that the shoes are great for people with wide feet.


Flexibility does a lot for a pair of shoes as it makes them easy to wear. It would help if you looked out for shoes made with flexible fabrics because they allow some space for your feet to expand all through the day. They should be lightweight too to enable you to move quickly.

The Toes

If your toes quickly start hurting when wearing a pair of heels, it is best to go for heels with rounded toe as it leaves your toes comfortable and not feel pinched. When the toes are satisfied, then you are more likely to wear your heels pain-free throughout the day.


Quality is what makes people loyal to a particular brand as they trust the brand to deliver quality at all times. You should check the materials used to make the shoe as it goes a long way to determine its durability.

The shoe’s quality also goes a long way to show how much support and stability it can offer your feet. As you already know, quality shoes will help your feet to be comfortable the entire day.

Types of Heels

The different types of heels include:

  • Stiletto: they are high and help to lengthen the legs.
  • Kitten heel: perfect heel for those on the go as it’s very low.
  • Block heel: comfortable, chic, and modern. It has various designs.
  • Slingback: it is timeless and sophisticated. It completes most dressing.
  • Mule: open backs and great for warm weather. It comes in high and low heels.
  • Ankle strap: alluring and chic. Great for a confident look.
  • Platform: comfortable and supportive. It completes most dressing.
  • Pumps: they are classic and modern for an everyday look.
  • Wedge: comfortable and versatile. It also comes in various designs for almost all dressings.
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Heels Sizing Guide

Heels need to fit right for you to be comfortable in them all day long without you straining your feet or entire legs. The best way to get shoes that fit correctly is to choose the correct sizes, and selecting the proper size requires that you know the size of your feet.

Tips to know your feet measurement at home.

Position a piece of paper on a flat surface against a wall, stand on the sheet, and let your heel touch the wall a little. Mark the longest point of your foot on the paper, then use your tape to measure the length from your foot’s longest point to where you placed your heel. Repeat the measurement for the other foot.

You can also know your foot’s width by measuring from the widest point of your feet to the other widest part. Remember that measuring your feet is best done at the end of the day, and your result will be in centimeters. Now, you can check for your shoe size using different brand size charts.

Most Comfortable Heels for Wide Feet: Top 4 Picks

Want to know, What heels are good for wide feet? If yes, Just keep scrolling.

Clarks Women’s Adriel Viola Dress Pump

Key Features

  • Arch support
  • Versatile
  • Comfortable

The Clark’s Women’s Adriel Viola Dress Pump is perfect for everyday work as it offers an excellent comfort level. Its upper part consists of authentic leather that stretches to accommodate your feet all day long.

This shoe comes in various colors, and the sizes are great for wide feet. Its synthetic sole cushions the feet, and helps absorb shock. It also has a broad and rounded toe box to create enough space for the toes to relax and not feel caged. In addition, this shoe also offers a lot of support.


  • The shoe comes in various colors.
  • It is comfortable.
  • The leather is flexible.
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  • A user complained about its durability.

Dr. Scholl’s Shoes Double Women’s Boot

Key Features

  • Comfortable
  • Stylish
  • Support

The Dr. Scholl’s Shoes Double Women’s Boot is excellent for women with wide feet. They are great in various outfits and have enough space for your feet. In addition, the memory foam insole of this shoe molds to your feet’s bottom and allows sufficient airflow, allowing breathability.

These shoes come in black or brown faux leather, and their toes are a little rounded to keep your toes comfortable. Its ankle also has a 12-inch opening to make the feet comfortable as you move around. In addition, they are flexible, lightweight, and have durable soles.


  • The shoe is durable.
  • It offers comfort and support.
  • Its wraparound strap provides a good fit.


  • It is not slip-resistant.

Naturalizer Women’s Taimi Dress Sandal

Key Features

  • Flexible sole
  • 2 1/2 inch heel
  • Breathable

The Naturalizer Women’s Taimi Dress Sandal has an attractive design. You can wear it to complete a pantsuit or sleek dress, and you are good to go. It has lots of cutouts that allow sufficient airflow, making this sandal very breathable and comfortable for your feet.

This shoe sole is forgiving and elastic, ensuring comfortable and fast movement. In addition, it comes with an adjustable back strap that you can move to get a perfect fit and support. You can choose from its various colors such as Champagne, pink, and silver.


  • The shoe is attractive.
  • It is comfortable.
  • It gives a good fit.


  • It is not versatile.

Clark’s Women’s Deva Heidi Shoe

Key Features

  • Rubber outsoles
  • Buckle closure
  • OrthoLite molded footbed

The Clark’s Women’s Deva Heidi Shoe is equally great for wide feet. The upper part of this shoe has soft leather that stretches to accommodate your feet as it swells throughout the day. They are also breathable because of the many cutouts that allow a sufficient inflow of air.

The shoe has inserts that cushion your foot and keep it in place to ensure it doesn’t get pinched. Its height makes you look chic and also comfortable all day. The Ortholite molded footbed gives you extra comfort and cushioning effect for your feet. Also, the rubber outsole provides absolute walkability.


  • The shoe is breathable.
  • It has a wide toe opening.
  • It offers stability.
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  • A user complained that the upper part of the shoe is loose on her feet.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Some of the questions people ask about heels and their sizing include:

What heel height is best for me?

The best heel height for you depends on your choice and your ability to walk comfortably in them. The most comfortable set of heels is below 3 inches as they are very comfortable, and you can easily find them in many styles and designs.

Heels that are about 3 inches and more may not be easy to walk in. So, it is best to keep them for occasions such as nights out and evening outings.

How can I measure heel height?

You can measure heel height in inches using a measuring tape. These tips are helpful to measure the height of your shoe’s heel:

  • Position the shoe you wish to measure on a table or any flat top.
  • Place a measuring tape on the back of the shoe.
  • Measure from the heel’s highest point to the point it joins the heel cap and records your result.

The heel size may not be precisely an inch. Instead, it may be a little more or less than a complete inch depending on your shoe size.

Are heels comfortable?

Heels can be comfortable when they fit well. Ensure you buy heels that are appropriately made and crafted and not just those that appear fashionable. 

Some heel styles do not offer support, and the higher ones will make it difficult for you to walk and lead to health problems such as backache. You can also become comfortable in your heels by wearing them to walk around at home before the day you’ll wear them out for a special occasion.


Choosing the right size of heels is vital for your feet’ health and comfort because a pair of shoes that pinch can ruin your entire day. I have listed some of the best heels for wide feet to help individuals with wide feet find great and comfortable heels for their feet.

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