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How to Keep Shoes from Creasing When You Walk? Easy Fix

Wearing shoes in decent conditions creates an excellent appearance, and many folks would want their footwear to appear new at all times. Thus, they start seeking various means to stop their shoes from creasing. Knowing how to keep shoes from creasing when you walk, is one excellent trick that makes your footwear appear nice.

But, are there ways to prevent creases aside from not wearing the shoe in the first place? Well, some attempts can lead you to effectively get rid of shoe creases and make those sneakers look good again. Whether you are trying to avoid the pain from your footwear creasing or you want to look smart, here are some helpful recommendations to get the desired results.

Tips to keep shoes from creasing in easy ways:

Buy the right pair of shoes

It is quite normal for shoes that appear bigger than your feet to crease often, as the additional spaces make the shoe material bend. Thus, it is quite imperative to pick only the right shoe size and stay away from ill-fitting shoes. Yes, that pair might come in the right color and look quite stylish but don’t get carried away.

When it comes to shoe creasing, it often starts from the toe-box and moves down to the end of the footwear. So, if you start feeling some extra spaces between your foot and the shoe when you get it tested, do not purchase, as they are more likely to crease. Go for a pair of shoe that fits closely to your feet and have just some space to keep the feet comfortable.

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Avoid Wearing Wet Shoes

Wearing shoes in wet conditions makes them show crease as you walk in them. Although, it is generally not acceptable to toss or soak your shoes in water, as it damages the leather but if it does happen, let them get dried. Ensure you dry them away from excessive heat and don’t keep them under sunlight either. Once they appear dry, they are less likely to form creases when you wear them.

Invest in a Shoe Tree

Shoe trees are available in various shoe and craft stores. You can also get a craftsperson to construct one for your footwear. You can get it inserted in your footwear when they are not in use, and this can help ensure that they don’t have creases when you wear them later. 

The good news is that these items come quite affordable, and really cheaper ones to help you out. Shoe trees are excellent moisture for helping shoe owners wick out excessive moisture out of their footwear.

Equip your Shoe’s Heel with a Shoehorn

You can also find the heel area of your footwear creasing as you walk, and would start appearing less attractive. However, using a shoehorn would help a great deal in making sure that those creases do not appear and allow you to slip on the shoes quickly.

There are excellent options in various shops. It would be best if you go for a plastic rigid heel counter, and that would stop the shoe’s heel from crashing. They are quite costly but it is worth the amount, as this would ensure you don’t keep getting new pair of shoes within a short while.

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Keep Shoelaces Tightened

Shoelaces are there to make the shoe fit better and if you don’t tighten them well enough, you might find your footwear creasing.  Don’t get carried away by the fancy lace knotting styles that may appear loose. They may appear stylish but you wouldn’t want to lose your footwear and mess with your feet’ comfort level because of some baggy lacing design. Keep the shoelace tight and they should appear snug enough to keep your feet relaxed.

Reduce the Repetition of a Pair of Shoe

It can be quite helpful to have multiple pairs of shoes, to make sure you don’t repeat a single pair for days. Getting shoes swapped between your routine would help a great deal. As a result the impacts from constantly wearing a single pair would make them start creasing.

Work on Your Walking Patterns

You can often find your footwear creasing if you don’t walk properly, much more, when you are always walking on your toes. You don’t have to change your walking step entirely. Try to make a slight change to put an end to your shoe’s creasing. It may feel uncomfortable at first, but you would soon start getting used to the whole experience. It might help if you start walking on high heels rather than flats if you find yourself walking on your toes.

Force Fields

There are excellent paddings known as force fields, which works on maintaining the shape of your shoes when they are not in use. They offer a great deal of help to leather footwear and help ensure that they stop creasing when next you wear them. You can purchase them from stores and get them in place, and they can also help keep the footwear in the right condition while you pack them for a journey.

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Rolled-Up socks

If you don’t have force fields, you can make use of rolled-up socks to maintain the shape of your leather shoes. Before you toss those socks you just removed into the laundry, get that pair rolled up and tuck them into the shoe and get them out when next you want to wear them. Are you packing for a journey, get those extra socks that you are going with and roll them into your shoes before packing them.

Quick on time? See this Video to prevent creasing

Final Thoughts

Creasing on shoes may make them appear old and worn-out, and as such reduce their quality. In some cases, creasing footwear can leave your feet in pain and discomfort. Thus, it is quite crucial to learn how to keep shoes from creasing when you walk. The process of keeping your footwear free from creases may seem challenging. However, you can employ the hacks in this article to help you eliminate creases from your footwear, and make them appear somewhat new.

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