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How Should Golf Shoes Fit For Better Swings

Some of the common questions about golf shoes are; how should golf shoes fit? Golf shoe sizing chart? Should you size up in golf shoes? Should golf shoes fit tight or loose? How much room should be at the end of a shoe? NO WORRIES! Find you all answers here.

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How Should Golf Shoes Fit

Golf players need to wear shoes that fit them well to avoid injuries and embarrassing situations while swinging. To get the right golf shoe, you should do the following:

Proper Lacing:

It should be about 5/8” between the top eyelets with your shoes tied. More space indicating narrow shoes; less space means the shoes are probably too wide.

Smooth Forefoot:

The part of the shoe between the toe and laces should be smooth, not bunched up or rippled, when tied. The rippled look means there’s excess room inside the shoe.

Non-Slip heel and forefoot:

Trail is important before choosing. Walk around during trial and note if your heel and forefoot slip or slide. If so, you’ll lack stability when swinging and risk getting blisters.

Snug mid-foot feel:

Keep in mind that golf shoes need to be snug enough to prevent movement during your swing.

Room around the toes:

It should be about a half inch between your toe tip and the end of the shoe, so you can wiggle your toes easily.

How to Choose Right Golf Shoes for Your Feet

Know your foot size first

you can know your foot size by measuring manually with a ruler. Trace your foot on a paper and form a rectangle closing your foot outline. Measure the triangle’s length and width with the ruler, and your result is your foot’s length and width.

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A Brannock device is also suitable for taking your foot measurements. It measures the width, length, and arch length of your foot. For more info

Snug up old golf shoes

If available, Snug up against your old golf shoes to your comfort. You can do this by adding shoelaces and tie them to a better fit or put thick foam as extra paddings to take up the extra space in the shoes.

You can also shrink old leather golf shoes using a blow dryer. But, ensure that they are not too tight to avoid blisters on the feet.

Know golf shoe standard sizes

Knowing the standard size of most golf shoe brands will help you find the size that will fit you better. You can measure your foot size and check the size chart of different shoe brands to see golf shoes that will likely fit your feet.

Benefits of correct golf shoe fitting you should know

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