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Best Vans Shoes for Wide Feet

Have you been looking to be part of those that rock the Vans shoe brand, but you don’t seem to know if they have got your size or know your style? Keep your eyes locked on this article to find your answers on the best Vans shoes for wide feet.

Features Of A Good Vans Shoe

Knowing the various features of all Vans products will indeed support your style for different activities and purposes. After understanding and working on this, your feet would remain grateful.


You will find a Vans shoe with different materials at the top. They all have their specific benefit, and this choice depends on individual preferences. The material used is essential, selecting the one that supports a fantastic ventilation element.

Accent Stitching: 

Another important feature that adds to the style of your Vans design is the accent stitching on the shoe. It is giving the shoe a different concept and taste.

Closure Methods: 

You also get to choose from the option of having a Vans product with either lace-up closure or not. However, those with wide feet might not always get a perfect fit for closure with no laces because they won’t adjust them to their liking.

Vans Pattern/Design: 

Yes, the patterns. Vans shoes come with a different pattern on each design, and they all have the style they are following. It’s in the form of art. They speak; they add a little touch to an occasion sometimes.


Another essential feature of the Vans shoe is the outsole. It determines whether the shoe will last long or not and how much grip and traction it provides.

Types Of Vans Shoes

It is no more extended fashion when someone wears one type of Vans shoe for any dress code. However, the Vans shoes have all kinds of shoe designs that can virtually go along with any dressing.

Vans Slip-on:

Just like the name, the Vans Slip-on doesn’t have a lace-up closure. They are pretty famous, and it is the shoe brand that people link with Vans generally.

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Vans Sk8 Hi:

Are vans sk8 hi good for wide feet? There are only a few differences to all Vans models, but each has its design and signature. The Sk8 Hi has a stripe at both sides of the shoe, and unlike the Slip-on model, it has a lace-up closure.

Vans Old Skool:

Another similar Vans model is the skating shoe Van Old Skool. Vans shoes can work as a skating shoe, but they go fine when worn casually. The only difference between the Vans Oldskool and Vans Sk8 Hi is that the Old Skool model is not designed with a high top but has the Vans stripe at the side.

Vans Authentic:

If you are looking for a more casual type of Van shoes, then the Vans Authentic is the one. They have a canvas top that makes it breathable, while some come with accented stitches. They are available in numerous colors but plain, which makes them suitable for any dress style.

Vans Shoes Sizing Guide

Please, do not just guess your shoe size, claiming it is the regular size number you use on your other standard shoe because size may differ in some cases of shoe brands and models. Follow the steps below before you take any further action on purchasing a new shoe.

Foot Measurement:

Assemble, piece of paper, a pencil, a measuring tape, or a ruler. Carry your foot on the paper and sketch out the shape of both your feet. Either use the ruler to measure from the heel to your toe or the measuring tape. Measure your foot width as well with the tape.

Consult A Size Chart:

After getting each measurement, compare your result to a size chart, whether at the store where you want to purchase or if you have a handy chart at your house.

Men Size Chart
Women Size Chart
Unisex Size Chart
US MENS1233.544.555.566.577.588.599.51010.5111213141516
US WOMENS2.53.54.555.566.577.588.599.51010.51111.51212.5
Kids – Toddler Size Chart
Kids – Youth Size Chart

Try the Shoes On:

Make sure you test your preferred shoe and observe it. Move around with it and see if it’s not too tight or loose around your leg. Then you can purchase it if you’re satisfied.

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What are the best Vans Shoe for Wide Feet? Top 4 Reviewed

01. Vans Unisex Sk8-Hi(Tm) Core Classics

Key Features

  • Sturdy organic textile Upper
  • Comfy Construction
  • Rubber outsole

This Vans model is a top quality sneaker. This Vans Sk8-hi(tm) Core Classics shoe is made of an organic textile that supports ventilation and a rubber outsole offering durability and steady grip.


  • Sustainable
  • They give proper traction and grip 
  • It contains Comfy Cushion that make the comfortable shoe while on


  • It doesn’t come with a high top.

02. Vans Slip-On Galaxy & White Skate Shoes

Key Features

  • Canvas upper with blue galaxy pattern throughout
  • Lightly padded tongue and textile-lined collar.
  • Moisture-wicking, soft textile interior.

This footwear is a Slip-on model design with no lace-up closure. They are straightforward while putting them on, and classic cushioned insole for comfort. You will find good grip and traction, durability, and cushioning in this slip on vans shoe for wide feet .


  • Durable outsole
  • Well Cushion sides
  • Attractive


  • They do not require lacing.

03. Cracked Leather Authentic

Key Features

  • Rubber outsole
  • Leather upper
  • Metal eyelet

This Vans Authentic model provides a fantastic fit for anyone. They are an independent style that suits almost any clothing due to their minimal design, but they come in different colors. The Cracked Leather Authentic is a leather-constructed shoe with a rubber outsole and a lace-up closure to accommodate your feet with the option to adjust at will.


  • They come in numerous colors
  • Lightweight
  • Aids good grip and fraction
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  • They are too common.

04. Suede Canvas Old Skool V

Key Features

  • Hook and loop closure
  • Suede and Coarse fabric upper
  • Padded Collar

This shoe option goes along with its name, possessing a suede and canvas upper material that executes perfect ventilation. Unlike other Old Skool Vans models with lace-up closure, the Suede Canvas Old Skool V is designed with a hook and loop closure making it even to wear and adjust. They are also made with a padded collar and their mark waffle outsole (Rubber).


  • They have no problems with colors
  • It goes virtually with anything
  • Possess suitable outsole for better traction and grip


  • They don’t last for a very long time.


Are Vans Good For Wide Feet?

Many people choose Vans as their go-to shoes because they are comfortable. This is especially true for feet that are wide, like medium width. If you have large feet and want a shoe that will fit well, the ComfyCush line might be a good option for you. Vans is known for its quality footwear and this line of shoes has something special: they expand slightly when you break them in!. Read in details…

How Should I Clean My Vans?

Most Vans shoes are made of coarse fabric and are not difficult to keep clean. However, try not to over wash them to maintain their unique color and focus on the sole when necessary.

Van’s Shoe Advantages?

Vans shoes provide plenty of benefits. They go with almost anything, available in different colors, and their styles are numerous for you to choose from

Can Toddlers With Wide Feet Get The Vans Shoe?

Yes. Vans come in virtually almost all colors and sizes. Therefore sizes for toddlers are available.

Final Words

Choosing your preferred best Vans shoe for wide feet will bring exceptional confidence to you wherever you go. With the knowledge you have acquired from this article, you don’t have to struggle to know which Vans shoe is suitable for you. Keep in mind the various features and avoid anything that limits the comfort you deserve.

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