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Are Jordans Good For Wide Feet? Ultimate Guide

A lot of fashion enthusiasts and basketball players suffer from having wide feet. It makes hard to find shoes that fit well. Luckily, there is a lot of Jordan options out there designed with you in mind if you have wide feet like I do!

Are Jordans Good For Wide Feet?

Yes, wide jordans are good for wide feet with a great combination of style, durability, and material.

Why Jordans Good for Wide Feet

  • Woven or sewed material in shoes
  • Wide outer sole
  • Lightweight and comfortable for wide feet

Best Jordans for Wide Feet

Check our list below for the 2 best available Jordan’s shoe and styles crafted specifically for your unique needs as a player who has wider than average foot size.

Jordan Men’s Flyknit Elevation 23 for wide feet

These shoes are not only great for casual wear, but they have several color choices and a unique design that makes them attractive. The strong top of the shoe is an important feature because it provides good support to your foot while you’re wearing them; however, what’s even better than the strength of this footwear is that its sole has been designed with non-skid technology making sure you won’t fall when walking on slippery surfaces like snow or ice!

Cons:  You may need unique shoe cleaners to remove stain

Jordan Air Big Fund for wide feet

Fashionistas everywhere rave about the comfort and style of these shoes. Not only do they fit large feet, but also look great! With so many positive reviews across platforms like Amazon and Citysearch we knew we had to add them to our collection. You can find what you’re looking for in a shoe that feels just right on your feet without breaking the bank.

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Cons: No notable cons

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