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How To Stretch Cowboy’s Boots?

Cowboy boots are fantastic shoes that are mostly made of cowhide leather. This footwear follows the western-style crafted boot, and you can also find many exotic options constructed with a snake, alligator, and even ostrich skins. Nevertheless, a tight Cowboy boot can cause lots of discomfort and blisters. Thus, it would help to learn how to stretch Cowboy’s boots at home.

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What to Do for Stretching Cowboy’s Boots?

Professional artisans use various products to stretch Cowboy’s boots. Using boot stretch spray or Cowboy boot stretchers would get the task done in no time. Nevertheless, you can comfortably use various household items and employ a few effective methods to get your Cowboy boot stretched; kindly follow the steps below:

Wear them for a While

It is common for most shoes to take a while before they “break in,” and as such, it would be an excellent idea to wear your Cowboy boot frequently within your home. While wearing the boot, additional socks would help apply some more pressure on the boot’s leather.

After doing so for a few weeks (one or two weeks), you should expect the boot to stretch. You would find the leather around the foot, heel, and calf to conform in a manner that makes the boot fit better.

Steam the Boot

Steaming your Cowboy boot can help them stretch better to keep your feet comfy. Kindly boil some water and pass the boot across the steam. It would be best to steam the inside of the boot with a garment steamer.

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Then, allow the boot to get cool a bit and wear them immediately, and expect them to stretch when completely dried of the steam or when the material gets cold. Once the boot is dried, you should try employing a suitable leather conditioner to keep it in good shape.

Get a Bag or Water iced Within the Boots.

Kindly get a sealable plastic bag and fill it with water; then, insert the water-filled bags into your Cowboy boot. After that, kindly let the shoe freeze for about eight hours, and expect the water to expand as it changes to ice would get the boot stretched. 

Afterward, get the ice-filled bag thawed and remove them gently. You might need to get this process repeated to get your desired result. This method is solely for small stretches on boots to help alleviate callus and corn.

Other effective methods include soaking the boots in water or applying some rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol). However, these methods may pose some severe threats to the leather materials.


There are many methods on ‘how to stretch cowboy boots,’ and these can transform your new pair of boots from uncomfortable footwear to one with extra space and proper fit. 

Nevertheless, it is pretty recommendable that you get the right boot size, as this would save your feet from such discomfort. Nonetheless, you can read through this piece and learn more about effective methods you can employ in getting your boots stretched.

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