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Different Types of Heels and When you Choose?

Heels are fashionable shoes every woman should have in their closet. Those who like heels have different pairs in varying heights to match their outfits.

You can wear these shoes to a party, office or night date with any cloth. But what are the different types of heels you can buy to keep up with the trends? We’re going to show you this in this article.

So, read on to learn more.

1. Stilettos

The stilettos are one of the common types of heels you’ve probably heard of if not put on. These high heel shoes have thin heels and tapering but with varying heights.

You can get a stiletto of 1-inch height while others are as high as 7 or 8 inches.

However, what sets stilettos from other types of heels is their heel are ever thin. You can wear stilettos to the office, or girls get together and stand out from the rest.

Stilettos are more classy and attractive because of their height rather than color or design. Even though stilettos will boost your high, they can be uncomfortable to walk in for long hours.

2. Kitten Heels

Kitten heels are another type of comfortable heels that have been in existence since the 1950s. They’re not high, making them the right choice for women who can’t stand stilettos or high heels.

If you’ve been into flats and want to try heels, it’s advisable to start with kitten heels. You’ll advance and be comfortable in high heels and walk confidently with time.

Kitten heels height doesn’t exceed 1.75 inches proving how short they are.

3. Wedges

Wedge heels are a comfortable type of heels you can wear to different functions during summer. You can pair your wedges with a dress, shorts, or pants and rock it at any event. Most wedge heels are made of cork, but some are wooden.

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Wedges will also enable you to wear your long dress without the fear of tripping as they can’t get caught on your clothes.

These heels offer you more support as there’s no separation from sole to the heel as with other types of heels.

3. Cone Heels

As the name suggests, cone heels have cone-like heels, which are triangular with a flat side. The appearance of these heels makes them look unique, cute, and classy.

You’ll be able to walk in these heels throughout the day as the cone shape offers additional support, making your feet comfortable.

4. Stacked Heels

Stacked heels are a shoe with several layers of fabric that elongates their height. These heels are chunky blocks that support your weight as you walk, making you stable.

Stacked heels also offer you additional balance as they’ve got a bigger surface area ensuring your chances of falling off are minimal.

5. Platform Heels

These kinds of heels resemble stilettos, with the main difference being at the front of the shoes. Platforms have a platform-like sole which helps create balance.

You can wear them to a date night or office. What makes them comfortable to walk in regardless of their high heels is the platform at the front. The platform also prevents them from being difficult to walk in.

6. Block Heels

Block heels have both wedges, platform, and stilettos design. This makes them heavyweight. But, in most cases, they’re made of similar materials as wedges.

Block heels have a gap between the heel and toes as stilettos. But the toes occupy a better fraction of the soles. Unlike stilettos, you will not have challenges walking in these heels as they distribute your weight throughout the shoe.

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You can get them in varying heights, from low heels to high heels. However, currently, they’re not much fashionable as before.

Why Settle for Heels?

There are various reasons why women wear heels. Some of the reasons you should opt for heels include:

To Boost Height

One major reason why women prefer heels is to elongate their height. Some shorter women find it challenging to walk around taller people, affecting their confidence and self-esteem. However, their self-confidence rises with heels,  and they feel beautiful and taller like those around them.  

To Look More Feminine

Heels are more feminine than any other women’s shoes and are mostly associated with women. They help give you the right identity as it’s easier to tell the gender of someone walking in heels than flats.  So, if you want to be girlish, choose one of these heels and walk confidently to any place.

To Be Sexier

Every woman wants to look sexier through their dress code. To achieve this with ease, you can opt for the right heels and have that sexy vibe. A sexy woman will be a force to reckon with, and since the heels help boost a woman’s confidence, you’ll be more attractive and elegant.

Heels Give Command and Make You Professional

There are how heels give women power and make them look professional. So, if you want to have authority as a professional woman, choose high heels and command all the respect from your juniors. But ensure your comfort comes first, as heels can be challenging to walk in.

How Safe Are Heels?

Heels are a safe type of shoes anyone can wear on different occasions. However, how secure these shoes depend on the kind of heel you opt for.

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For example, high heels like stilettos may not be comfortable to walk in for long hours as your feet and muscles will be straining to balance off. But kitten heels are much comfortable and safe as they’re much shorter.

Heels are also safe for veterans who’ve been wearing them every day to any occasion. But for a starter, heels will not be safe as you can easily lose balance and trip off.

So, it’s advisable to go for a height and style to walk in and give you enough balance confidently.


What types of heels are more popular?

The most popular heels are stilettos and platforms. However, pumps and wedges are also increasingly becoming popular.

What kind of heels suits beginners?

The right heels for a beginner are the kitten heels which are a bit shorter and comfortable to walk in. but a starter can also go for low heel wedges, which offer more support and balance.

What does your heels choice say about you?

Heels tell more about your personality, authority/power, and confidence.

Bottom Line

You don’t have to be in flats all the time while there are different types of heels which can make you look sexier and comfortable. Choose any of the above heels and walk with your heads high to any function.

But ensure you choose the right height that will enable you to balance off and get enough support as you walk.

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