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5 Best Sandals for Flat Fleet [Casual & Comfortable]

Sandals are a type of shoe that enables your feet to stay comfortable all day long. You can wear them to the beach or any casual function.

But which are the best sandals for those with flat feet? Some people have flat feet. Although asymptomatic and painless, this condition makes it hard to find the right shoes to fit such feet.

However, you need the right type of shoes that gives enough support for your arches and reduce the chances of experiencing any discomfort.

Read on and learn more about the five best sandals for flat feet and factors to consider before settling for any of them.

What are the Best Sandals for Flat Fleet? Top 5 Reviewed

1. Birkenstock Arizona Sandals

One of the best sandals you should consider buying for flat feet is the Birkenstock Arizona sandals. It’s a stylish and popular brand that offers your flat feet enough support.

These sandals will prevent your feet from overpronation, and they’ve adjustable buckles, ensuring they fit you well.

They are made of durable leather that improves the breathability of your feet and has a strong outsole. The outsole has good traction, which helps balance off and protects you from tripping.

The best thing about these sandals is their shock absorption capabilities and the elevated footbed. This offers your feet additional support and prevents your feet from injuries.

The dual-layer jute top helps wick moisture off your feet while the foam layer cushions them.


  • It’s comfortable and offers enough support for flat feet
  • It’s stylish and wicks away sweat/moisture
  • It’s made of high-quality leather, which makes it durable
  • It’s strong and prevents your feet from overpronation


  • It’s costly
  • It tends to be wider for some people

2. Chaco Women’s Flip Ecotread Sandals

If you’re looking for a slip-on sandal for flat feet, these should be your to-go shoes. It has a flat footbed which helps relieve pain as you walk. It’s also a comfortable pair that you can wear to various events. Chaco women’s sandals are made of recycled rubber, which supports your feet.

What sets it apart from the rest is the high arch, the heel cup, and luvset footbed, allowing you to engage in various outdoor activities without straining. It’s also strong, high quality, and durable, giving you value for your money.


  • It’s capable of repelling odor through the antimicrobial application
  • Its offers great arch support
  • It’s a high-quality textile material
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  • It’s doesn’t have an adjustable strap

3. Oofos Original Thong Sandal

Another best sandal for flat feet is from Oofos. It’s lightweight, flexible, and comfortable on the feet.

They best suit a person with painful flat feet as they’ve got recovery technology that prevents the pressure that comes while walking.

It has a patented footbed, which makes your arches comfortable, reduces the pressure on your knees and ankles, and prevents your legs from straining.

These sandals offer your feet flexibility as they take your feet’ natural form. You can get these sandals in different designs and colors, and they’re washable through the machine.


  • It’s 100% synthetic
  • It’s made of oofoam technology, which facilitates feet recovery
  • It comprises of patented footbed supporting your arches


  • It doesn’t look stylish as other sandals

4. Sole Sports Flip-Flop Sandals

You will not regret choosing these sandals for your flat foot. This is because they’re comfortable walking in and offer your feet additional support.

These flip flop sandals also give your heel and arch adequate balance, enabling you to walk naturally.

But their straps aren’t adjustable, which can be disadvantageous for those with flat fat feet.


  • It has flexible arch support
  • It’s capable of controlling odor
  • It’s got a contoured footbed


  • It doesn’t have an adjustable strap

5. Vionic Gerrit Adjustable Sandals

You can also consider vionic Gerrit adjustable sandals for your flat feet. These sandals are ideal for an outdoor stroll and good for those with plantar fasciitis or heel pain. It has a supportive orthaheel insole which prevents your feet and back from straining because of too much pressure on them. The heel cup is super supportive, while the footbed ensures you properly align your feet.

You can adjust these sandals through the three adjustable points with straps on the toe area, heels, or ankle. Since they’re nubuck leather, they’ll serve you for long even if you use them regularly. You’ll also have better balance on different surfaces because of the tread design, which holds even on wetter floors.


  • It’s adjustable
  • It’s durable with good traction and grip
  • It helps you reduce pressure on your feet and back


  • The straps lose their elasticity with time

What To Consider Before Buying Sandals for Flat Feet

To get the best sandals for flat feet, you need to consider some factors. These are;

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Size Variations

Every sandal brand has its size variation, depending on its country of origin. This means you can have two different sandals, both size five, but one may fail to fit your feet. So, you need to be careful to avoid getting a non-fitting sandal which will make it hard walking in. Check both the sandals’ width and length to get the right size which will be comfortable to walk in. it’s advisable to fit them before buying any of the sandals to avoid wasting your money.


A flat foot requires a stable pair of shoes that will not trigger the pain. Look at the soles of the sandals to ensure they’ll offer you enough grip and traction while walking in them. But don’t forget to check if they’ve got pressure relieving techniques that offers your feet additional support and prevent pronation.  


This foot condition requires you to walk in a lightweight pair which will not cause further complications. A lightweight sandal will also make your feet comfortable even if you walk for a long distance. Most lightweight sandals have rubber outsoles which also prevent slipping. But a thin sole may also be lighter and easy to lift.

Overpronation Capabilities

A good sandal for flat feet should be able to prevent your feet from pronating as you walk. Remember unusual rolling of the feet will make them painful and exert pressure on your ankle and lower back. You may also get injured by objects on the ground if your feet overpronate. However, sandals with anti-pronation features like a deep heel cup will stop all these. It will ensure you’ve equal weight distribution on your feet, enabling you to have the right walking posture.

The Arch Support

Don’t forget to look at the arch support the sandals have. Good flat feet sandals should have proper arch support similar to those specialists recommend. The arch support will help raise your feet off the floor. It will also reduce the pressure on your toes and heel area, making you comfortable. You will also be more stable while wearing sandals with good arch support.

Tips when choosing sandals for flat feet

  • Talk to your doctor to get the best advice when considering buying sandals for flat feet. Your doctor will give you valuable tips which will help you get the right pair which suits your needs. They can also recommend the best brand with great features.
  • Understand why you’re buying the sandals. This means you need to know where you’ll be wearing them. Sandals for office use will not have similar features as those for hiking. At the same time, those for the beach will not be the same as for home use. For example, sandals for beach walks should have water-proofed surfaces to prevent you from slipping.
  • Go for durable quality pair to get value for your money. Note that most of these sandals are specially designed by specialists, making them expensive and challenging to get. So, if you’re to buy one, ensure you go for one that will last longer. Beauty and classiness may not be a factor here, but comfortability and durability matter.
  • Consider trying these sandals when your feet are likely to swell during the day. This should be in the afternoon to enable you to get a comfortable pair that will fit regardless of the time. But these sandals should be adjustable to fit whenever your foot shrinks.
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Why should you buy sandals for flat feet with arch support?

Arch support will help you reduce the pain of flat feet as you walk. They also offer additional support for your feet, making you balance better while walking.

Should I run barefoot if I’ve flat feet condition?

Yes. Running barefoot will help strengthen the arch and ankles muscles. It will also prevent your feet from frequent pronation and injuries.

Which are the best sandals for flat feet in 2021?

The best sandals for 2021 are the Birkenstock Arizona Sandals. This is because they can prevent your feet from overpronation, have adjustable straps, and have good traction to protect you from accidents.  

Bottom line

Flat feet are a condition that can result from medical or genetic problems. To survive with flat feet, you need comfortable shoes that won’t make you strain or experience agony as you walk. This is possible through sandals for flat feet.

You can get any of the above five best sandals for flat feet and enjoy walking to any function with ease.

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