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4 Best Cowboy Boots For Wide Feet

Getting the proper Cowboy or cowgirl boots may appear challenging and much more tasking for folks with wide feet. Thus, if you have wide feet, you should look intensively for the best Cowboy boots for wide feet. The review below should help you make a more natural choice.

Are Cowboy Boots Comfortable To Wear

 It is no longer news that Cowboy boots appear to be very comfortable, as they give the foot an outstanding support and further create an awesome western style fashion statement. However, it would be a good idea to only invest in such boots if they fit properly.

Wearing tight shoes can cause significant discomfort, not forgetting the severe injuries they also cause. Again, it wouldn’t be a great idea to wear Cowboy boots that appears too loose. Thus, you should only get a pair that fits around snugly.

Feature Of A Good Cowboy Boot For Wide Feet

There are various things that makes a good Cowboy boot, and looking out for such features would ensure you end up with the right pair. With that in mind, below are some features of a good Cowboy boot.

Material: The best Cowboy boots comes made of top-quality leather materials such as goat and cow hides. Again, you can find various exotic options having snakeskin, ostrich, caiman, and lizard leathers.

Embellishments: You would often find good and attractive Cowboy boots to have small embellishments that sets them different from the rest. Such details would reveal a good fashion statement, as they come designed with fringes and rhinestones and have intricate inlay stitches.

Flexibility: This feature appears to be among the top considerable factors to consider when getting a Cowboy boot. You would find good options appearing very flexible as they mold around the feet and ensure you feel comfortable walking in them.

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Types Of Cowboy Boots  

You can always find a variety of Cowboy boots in the market, and below are the common styles of boots available.

  • Western Boots: Kindly note that Western boots are the most typical options that you would find. They often appear with heels that are 2-inch tall and have tall shafts that keep the shins protected.
  • Riding Boots: These are the choicest options for horse riders, as they appear high-angled with straps and hooks that ensure they don’t fall off.
  • Work Boots: Most of the work boots are of cowhide leather material and often have rubber soles. These options also have a sturdy construction, and some midsoles offer excellent cushioning.
  • Walking Boots: These options often have fantastic features that support the feet while walking. You can find them possessing sufficient traction with their non-slip soles and have square heels and a broader toe box to make them comfortable for standing. 

Other options include Roper boots, fashionable Cowgirl boots, and other Exotic options.

Cowboy Boot Sizing Guide 

It is often tempting to pick any pair of attractive shoes off the counter, but it would be best you first confirm if they come in the correct size. Before you buy a Cowboy boot, you should first learn about your feet’ measurement and employ a professional sizing chart.

Alternatively, you can visit stores and test these boots before making a purchase. While trying Cowboy boots, you should ensure that there is enough space around the toe box and your feet faces no form of discomfort.

What Are The Best Cowboy Boots For Wide Feet? Top 4 Reviewed

Here are the best Cowboy boots for people with larger foot width.

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1# Ariat Men’s Rambler

This Cowboy boot has an all-leather material and comes in greys and browns. Folks can get better stability with their upper part having the ATS technology. Again, the moisture-wicking footbed keeps the feet dry and comfy all day long. For shock absorption, the footwear comes with gel cushioning, which would work well for your joints.


  • Gel cushioned footbed
  • It is made of 100% leather
  • Lightweight 


  • None

2# Roper Women’s Riley

It is pretty awesome to have a boot with a stylish design for the ladies, and this option has excellent stitches in bright colors and appears quite ornate. The padded insole provides superior cushioning and the inner linings are breathable. For people that love boots with studs, the Roper Women’s Riley boot also has them.


  • Flexible sole
  • Padded insole
  • Attractive design


  • It is made of synthetic material

3# Laredo Lodi Western Men’s Boots

The additional space that comes with this boot’s construction makes it suitable for people with wide feet. It has an excellent stitch pattern that makes it quite attractive, and it comes constructed with 100% leather.


  • Durable
  • Sufficient traction
  • Excellent comfort features


  • Non-water-resistant

4# Ariat Round up Cowboy Boots

If wide feet seem to be an issue, you should consider getting a pair of the Ariat Round-up Cowboy boots. It is pretty spacious and suitable for females that love the traditional Cowboy design. Folks with large calf sizes would also enjoy the Duratread outsole that ensures they can walk across different floor surfaces.

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  • Air-mesh lining
  • 100% leather
  • Duratread outsole


  • It does not appear true to size

How To Wear Cow Boy Boots?


Can One Stretch Cowboy Boots?

You can use a professional Cowboy boot stretcher or simply employ steam to get your boot stretched. Alternatively, you can wear them for a while or freeze water bags in them and expect them to stretch gradually. Read more

Is It Suitable To Wear Cowboy Boots For Business Meetings?

You can wear such boots on business attires, choosing from the available styles. Nevertheless, you should ensure you wear them in matching colors to create a great fashion statement.

How Should A Cowboy Boot Fit?

Cowboy boots must fit snugly around each foot. Thus, it would be best to get the right pair that does not seem too tight or overly loose. Read more

Final Words

Folks with wide feet often face some challenges in getting the right pair of shoes. If you have wide calf sizes and need a suitable Cowboy boot, you should search for the best Cowboy boots for wide feet. Kindly read through this article and review it to find excellent options to keep your feet comfortable and free from injuries.

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