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4 Best Tennis Shoes for Wide Feet: Ultimate Guide

Every tennis player needs a pair of tennis shoes for playing on the court. Players with standard feet size easily find attractive tennis shoes that fit them perfectly, but it’s not the same story for their colleagues with wide feet. Folks with wide feet often find it challenging to get the right tennis shoes.

Wearing tennis shoes that don’t fit properly brings a lot of discomfort and pain. It also makes the gain seem less attractive. Therefore, it is vital to find shoes that fit right, and we have listed some of the best tennis shoes for wide feet to enable you to find the best shoes for your game.

Features of a Good Tennis Shoe for Wide feet

There are some vital things to consider when shopping for good tennis shoes as they contribute to the shoe’s quality. They are:


Carefully check the type of material used to design the parts of the tennis shoe. The top should be made with lightweight materials that allow air circulation, such as leather and mesh. It should be synthetic too.

The materials used for the midsole should reduce shock and offer support. Then, the material used for the outsoles should be flexible and give traction to the player. Rubber materials are commonly used for the outsole.


A tennis shoe has to be comfortable as you need the comfort to play your best game on the tennis court. An uncomfortable shoe will distract and injure you, thereby spoiling your game experience. Look for shoes that are breathable and lightweight.

Style of Play

It is vital to put your style of play in mind when shopping for your tennis shoe. A baseliner could go for shoes that have cushioning effects and helps with lateral movements. If you are a server, it is best to buy tennis shoes with a long-lasting toe cap, and an all-courter can go for shoes with lightweight.

Tennis Court

Another necessary consideration is the type of court where you play your tennis. If you play on a hard court, try to buy shoes with cushioning ability to reduce the shock from the ground. For a court with a grass ground, you should go for shoes that can resist abrasion.

A clay court requires lightweight shoes and has a herringbone pattern of treading, while you can buy smooth shoes that can resist slippage for an indoor tennis court.

Types of Tennis Shoes

Tennis shoes are grouped based on different types of courts and their categories.

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Tennis shoe styles for various courts are:

  • Hard Court Tennis Shoes: these are shoes for hard court surfaces. Such shoes should be comfortable, durable, and able to absorb shock. They should offer stability and ample protection for the feet.
  • Clay Court Tennis Shoes: these tennis shoes types are specially made for clay tennis courts. They have a herringbone tread style to release clay during a twist and a woven upper side that stops the clay from getting into the shoe. They also offer lots of stability.
  • Grass Court Tennis Shoes: these shoes are made for a grass court, and they have a flat outsole with slight bumps to provide optimal traction. They also give stability to the slick grass surface.

Shoe types based on common categories include:

  • Stability: these tennis shoes supply the player with high level of stability. Their heel collar and counter supply the heel with security and sufficient rigidity. Their lacing system has a snug fit to reduce slipping; the upper part is made with materials that wrap the player’s foot, while the midfoot shank helps the shoe not twist.
  • Lightweight: these are shoe models designed with materials that help increase the player’s speed as they wish to move faster than other players on the court.
  • Durability: these tennis shoes have materials that make them last for a long time, especially those used to play in hard courts.

Tennis Shoes Sizing Guide

An essential aspect of getting the right tennis shoes is knowing your correct shoe size. You can learn it by measuring your feet. To measure your feet, wear your socks for tennis shoes and use tape to measure feet. You should stand straight if someone is helping you to take the measurement.

But if you measure yourself, it is best to sit on a chair before you measure because bending will affect your result. You can calculate your feet in centimeters or inches and convert your result from inches to centimeters, multiply the value in inches by 2.54.

The end of the day is the best time to take your feet measurement because the feet seems bigger at that time.

Foot width: knowing the width of your foot also helps you to understand your correct shoe size. To find the width of your foot, use paper to trace out your foot. Then, note the distance between the two widest partsyou’ve traced. Now, take away 5 mm from the value you got, and the result becomes your foot width.

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What are the Most Comfortable Tennis Shoes for Wide Feet? Top 4 Reviewed

Here are some of the best tennis shoes for individuals with wide feet.

Cole Haan Men’s Grandpro Tennis Sneaker

Key Features

  • Lightweight
  • Stylish
  • Flexible

The Cole Haan Men’s Grandpro Tennis Fashion Sneaker comes with all the comfort you require when playing on the court, thanks to its hand-stained leather material. You can walk with ease while wearing this tennis shoe, and it offers you support when playing your game.

Its heel and forefoot are of rubber pods that offer it a firm grip and prevent slipping. The shoe is breathable, and the soft material used for the footbed makes it extra comfortable for the player.


  • Lightweight Sole
  • It is very comfortable on the feet.
  • Excellent traction.


  • The shoe doesn’t have arch support.

K-Swiss Women’s Hypercourt Express-W

Key Features

  • Stylish
  • Aosta 7.0 rubber
  • EVA sock liner

The K-Swiss Women’s Hypercourt Express-W comes in a classy design that brings out your sense of style. It comes designed with the player’s comfort in mind as its ankle collar appears padded for your comfort and stability. The sock liner gives a cushioning effect too.

It has outstanding arch support to make you feel close to the ground, and its firm grip prevents the player from slipping during aggressive movements. The upper part of the shoe is made with mesh to avoid wetness as air can pass through it.


  • The shoe is breathable.
  • It offers enough support and cushioning effect.
  • It offers excellent comfort.


  • You may need to change the laces constantly.

Brooks Men’s Beast 18

Key Features

  • Stable
  • HPR Plus rubber
  • Great traction

The Brook Men’s Beast “18 can serve both as a tennis shoe and a running shoe. You can trust it for traction when running around on various court surfaces, and its forefoot has Flextra rubber that makes the feet naturally flexible.

The shoe has a Super DNA compound that protects your feet while giving a cushioning effect and the rubber materials make it last for a long time. It also has some intelligent technologies that help to correct gait abnormalities such as pronation issues and others.


  • Budget-friendly.
  • It is stable and offers excellent support.
  • Flexible Shoe


  • The shoe is heavy.
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Adidas Barricade Classic Wide 4E Tennis Shoe

Key Features

  • Classic
  • 4E design
  • Abrasion-resistant

The Adidas Barricade Classic Wide 4E Tennis Shoes helps make you efficient and maintain tendency with its Adiprene plus at the forefoot. The Adiprene plus below the heel gives an extra cushioning effect to the player. It has incredible stability and comfort.

The shoe’s midsole has an EVA technology that offers support, and the outsole, which comes made of Adiwear rubber and an improved herringbone tread pattern, makes it last for a long time. It also has an Adituff that resists abrasion and wraps around the forefoot and toe to ensure the foot does not suffer drag.


  • It has improved propulsion.
  • Its design is attractive.
  • High efficiency.


  • It is pricey and has insufficient back support.

How to Clean Your Tennis Shoe?

Frequently Asked Questions

Between speed and stability, which one is more critical in a tennis shoe?

Stability is an essential essential feature to be safe when you move in different directions. However, you can compromise because fast tennis shoes may not appear stable like the heavy types. You can find shoes that will offer you the best of both options.

I have running shoes; can I wear them to play tennis?

Yes, most running shoes serve well as tennis shoes. They have to cushion and can absorb shock while you play in the court. Their soles are also durable so that they can serve as an alternative for tennis shoes.

Can my wide feet affect my performance while playing tennis?

No, it won’t affect your performance if you wear wide feet tennis shoes. However, your performance may be affected if you wear narrow shoes because they would keep you uncomfortable and distracted. You might get injured too.


There are some excellent wide tennis shoes in the market, but finding them may be a demanding task that takes a lot of time. We hope that our review of the best tennis shoes for wide feet will help you narrow your options and make the best choice for your feet.

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