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Wide Fit Vs Regular Fit Shoes : How Do You Know?

Shoes come in varying sizes, measuring in length and also width. The width of shoes is also crucial as the length, as they tell the extent of comfort one can get from wearing shoes. There is varying shoe width, with some suitable for people with narrow feet and regular ones for medium-sized feet.

However, you can also find those wide fit and extra wide shoes suitable for people with large feet. Since shoe fitting is essential for having enough comfort around your feet, it would be best to get the right shoe that fits your feet’s width.

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Why You Should Note The Shoe Width?

Why You Should Note The Shoe Width

Before purchasing that fancy shoes from the store, it is quite essential to know if they come in the right width that fits your feet. Shoes for children, women, and men come in different width that goes a long way in footwear fittings. Since the shape of feet varies amongst individuals, you can either use regular fit shoes or wide fit shoes.

With the perfect fit, your feet can feel relaxed and comfortable within the shoe as you go about the day’s movements. Please note that the shoe style can also determine its width, and some shoe brands provide shoes with some width category.

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Available Shoe Widths

Based on the size, you can find three significant shoe widths across footwear stores, and they include:

The Narrow Widths

The Narrow Widths

Most persons refer to this width category as Slim or Super Slim shoes. These shoe widths in this category can also have extra narrow widths, as they come designated as A and 2A.

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But since there is minimal difference between width A and width 2A, most shoe brands provide width sizes of 2A and 4A. However, men can find narrow width shoes designated as B. thus, if you have narrow feet, you can search for these width sizes in the brand’s shoe chart.

Medium Shoe Width

Medium Shoe Width

Shoes with the width size are regular ones, which are the standard sizes that are often available. People who wear regular fit shoes can easily find a suitable pair across shoe stores. They are designated with the letter D for men and B for women.

Wide Shoe Width

Wide Shoe Width

There are often wide shoes and extra wide shoes designed for people with wider feet. The most common wide shoes from brands come as 2E or 4E. Thus, you can comfortably search for wide fit shoes within this size range. However, this size may be too wide for the ladies, and as such, they can find theirs designated as D.

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Comparison Table: Wide Fit Vs Regular Fit Sizing

WidthExtra NarrowNarrowMediumWideExtra Wide
MenA or 2ABDE or 2E4E
Women4AA or 2ABDE or 2E

What Are The Benefits Of A Wide Or Regular Fit Shoe?

A wide fit shoe will be more comfortable for you than a regular fit shoe. The shoes will be able to adjust to your feet better and will provide more stability on the foot. Additionally, a wide fit shoe offers a wider range of motion for your feet, which is important for those who are constantly working out or who have high-volume activities.

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A regular fit shoe, on the other hand, is the perfect option for someone who typically wears a narrow width. They will be able to wear the shoes comfortably, but they may not have as much range of motion as a wide fit shoe.


There are various shoe width, and picking the right sized shoe that fits can keep you comfortable. You can find regular fit shoes and wide fit shoes available in various footwear stores. Most brands provide other width sizes, including the extra-wide, narrow, and extra narrow shoe widths. You can check out our article to help you pick the right shoe that would suit the width of your fit.

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