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Who Makes Extra Wide Golf Shoes? Guide to Know!

Finding the right pair of golf shoes that provides enough comfort can be quite tasking, much more for players with wider feet. As a golf player with wide feet, it would be a wrong idea to cram your feet through those tight shoes. Luckily, there are fantastic brands that design the perfect golf shoes that fit players with wide feet, and some top choices are stated below.

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Brands Who Make Extra Wide Golf Shoes

Following brands are poplar for making extra wide golf shoes. Keep reading and know more about those brands.


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Golf players having wide feet can comfortably find the perfect pair from Nike. This famous shoe brand designs classy and durable shoes and looks out for users’ comfort. Thus, they consider players with wide feet, offering a wide range of shoe options that would fit them perfectly. You can search through the shoe category, picking the most desirable footwear, and selecting the right width measurement from the size chart provided.

Skechers Go

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Skechers Go is one of the top brands providing players with wide golf shoes that keeps the feet comfortable. You can find both the large and extra-large sizes designated as 2E and 4E, respectively. It can be quite challenging to find the Skechers Go extra-large golf shoes out there, but getting one would be rewarding.

The shoes from this brand also come in a variety of colors and sizes. You can choose from the vast array of options, picking what suits you best. With these shoes on, you can comfortably play the awesome golf game.

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Golf shoes from Footjoy are among the most versatile options for wide feet that you can find across various footwear stores. With the right shoes from this brand, there would be enough room for your feet. Although their price may seem high, they are worth it, and it would be best if you get a suitable pair from them.


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The Ecco brand is known for their awesome shoes that are durable; thus, these shoes can serve its purpose for a long time. Some top choices for wide feet golf players include the Ecco Biom Spiked and the Ecco Cool 18 GTX footwear. This brand creates excellent shoes for both males and females, ensuring that their feet get the right comfort.

Even though all their shoes seem to have the same width, the leathers are stretchable. Over the years, lots of golf players with wide feet have picked shoes that fits perfectly among the options provided by Ecco. Hence, you can search for a suitable shoe for those wide feet from this brand.

Ideal Features of Extra Wide Golf Shoes

The footwear brands mentioned above make sure that wide feet golf players get the perfect shoes, and their shoes have the following features.

  • Sufficient cushion to keep the feet comfortable
  • Removable and shock-resistant insoles
  • Water-resistant features
  • Highly breathable and keeps the feet dry
  • Rubber outsoles that provide enough traction


Golf players with wide feet can find it challenging to pick the right pair of shoes that would fit perfectly. Since their fit can’t stay comfortably in tight shoes, it would help if they go for footwear with more width. As a golf player, you can find and pick the perfect wide golf shoes designed by various brands.

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