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Are Wide Shoes Better For Hiking?

With a wider toe box, hiking boot provides better balance as your toes are now able to spread out and provide stability. Hiking in a wide toe box encourages the realignment of your toes since you aren’t squeezing them together within an enclosed space.

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Should hiking shoes be a size bigger?

When shopping for a pair of hiking boots, many hikers suggest that you should buy them one or two sizes larger than your normal shoe size. Some even say to go with the boot size that feels like it fits perfectly and then take some thick socks on an overnight hike – if they feel good after several hours, those are probably going to be perfect!

What makes good hiking shoes?

  • Good hiking boots need to be light weight, provide support, and stability;
  • Good cushioning and functionality;
  • Provide stiffness and breathability.
  • Must be durable, protect your feet, and provide comfort.

Can you wear hiking shoes everyday?

Yes of course. Moreover, Hiking boots provide many great features like ankle support, breathability and traction that allow you to walk on any surface from tile or carpet at home to asphalt and concrete in public.

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