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Best Squat Shoes For Wide Feet

Over the years, squats have become an intriguing activity that also helps the body remains fit. However, there are some struggles when choosing the proper squat or weightlifting shoes, much more, for folks with wide feet. With that in mind, this review would introduce you to some of the best squat shoes for wide feet.

Feature Of A Good Squat Shoe

There are multiple brands and designs of shoes for squats and weightlifting. Nevertheless, the following are features of good squat shoes.


Squat shoes come constructed with different materials like rubber and leather. However, excellent squat footwear would often come with a material that keeps the feet comfy and offers excellent breathability.


Good squat shoes often come with different types of heels, and there are excellent options that would fit right, depending on your preferences. These footwear heels are either made of wood, leather, or even plastic. 

Security And Straps: 

Adequate security features on squat shoes make them outstanding, as they ensure that the footwear doesn’t fall off during the activities. You can always find good squat shoes having single or double straps or an excellent lacing system.

Types Of Squat Shoes

It is not recommended to wear any footwear for squats and powerlifting since your feet require a solid surface that exerts much force. Nevertheless, there are three main types of squat shoes:

Olympic Lift Shoes:

These options often come with a raised heel that supports deeper squats while the sportsperson remains upright via the torso.

Flat-soled Shoes:

This type of squat footwear comes to mind when it comes to low-bar back squats and deadlifts. The sole of such shoes appear pretty thin and evenly spreads across the feet.

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Powerlift Shoes:

If you engage in the bench press and low-bar back squats, then you should consider getting one of these. Such shoes have raised heels that aids in the accommodation of low squat stances.

Squat Shoes Sizing Guide

The sizing of shoes often appears as a challenge for most folks. Nevertheless, you can quickly determine the right squat shoes that would fit right, following these steps explained below:

Measuring The Feet:

Before you decide to go shopping for a squat shoe, kindly get an accurate measurement of your feet at the end of the day. Get a paper, and place each foot atop, and trace using a pencil. Then, further use a tape or ruler to measure the drawing on the paper, taking note of the length and width.

Match With The Sizing Chart:

At the shoe store, kindly match your feet measurement with the sizing chart provided. In most cases, there are different size charts for men and women.

Test The Footwear:

If you are shopping at a physical store, you might want to test the shoe before purchasing.

What Are The Best Squat Shoes For Wide Feet? Top 4 Reviewed

01. Adidas Adipower Women’s Weightlifting Cross Trainer

Key Features

  • Rubber sole
  • TPU heel
  • Flexible forefoot

This footwear is a perfect squat shoe for women, which offers excellent versatility for various movements. It is lightweight, breathable, and flexible, keeping the feet pretty comfortable. Folks interested in weightlifting should consider this option, as it caters to all professional needs of athletes.


  • It is excellent for versatile lifting
  • Suitable for people who like high heel squat shoes
  • Shoes come in a variety of colors
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  • Not suitable for Olympic lifting

02. Reebok Crossfit Lifter Plus 2.0 Men’s Athletic Shoe

Key Features

  • Rubber sole
  • Double upper strap

This footwear has a wide toe box, making it a suitable option for people with wide feet who like engaging in squats. Thus, men lifters with wide feet can fit securely within this shoe and be free from pains. With the tripod anchorage support the heel offers, you can perform better at squats.


  • It is pretty spacious
  • The toe box area comes constructed with heavy leather material
  • It offers sufficient cushioning


  • Costly 

03. Adidas Powerlift 4 Men’s Cross Trainer

Key Features

  • 100% textile material
  • Synthetic sole
  • Durable

This squat shoe from Adidas is of excellent quality and pretty resistant to wear. The heel of this footwear comes made of high-density EVA foam, measuring 0.6 inches. Thus, it is suitable for powerlifters and supports their squatting needs. Furthermore, the synthetic sole works effectively in providing sufficient traction that keeps your feet even under heavy loads.


  • It possesses a durable construction
  • The dense EVA lining offers excellent support
  • It comes with the AdiWEAR outsole


  • Folks dislikes the midfoot material dip

04. Reebok Legacylifter Women’s Sneaker

Key Features

  • Rubber sole
  • 0.75-inch heel
  • Synthetic mesh top

The low-cut design of this footwear makes it an excellent option for most persons who engage in squats. Its high heel appears excellent for folks with long legs which engage in lifts and lack ankle or hip mobility. 

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For added breathability, this footwear has its top covered with padded mesh and perforated leather. Thanks to the double upper strap, you can improve and enjoy your squatting experience much more with heavier lifts.


  • Solid TPU lining
  • Breathable design
  • Double upper strap


  • It is pretty expensive


Are Raised Heels Perfect For Squats?

Raised heels are suitable for powerlifting and Olympic lifts, as they help in accommodating low squat or deeper stances. Nevertheless, it would help to get flat-soled squats shoes if you engage in deadlifts.

How Should One Care For Squat Shoes?

After workouts, it would help to stuff some paper (old newspaper) into your footwear to absorb moisture and fight off odors. You can further care for your squat shoes by cleaning them following the manufacturer’s instructions.

When Should I Replace My Squat Shoe?

When you start noticing some loose straps at the top of the footwear or its metal loop getting detached, it is time to get new pairs of squat shoes.

Final Words

Squat training shoes do a lot in having an excellent experience deadlifting or powerlifting. Nevertheless, it often gets difficult for folks with wide feet to make the right decision while shopping for good squat shoes. Are you one of such persons? Kindly read through this review on the best squat shoes for wide feet.

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