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4 Best Men’s Volleyball Shoes For Wide Feet

As a volleyball player, having wide feet can be a plus owing to the edge in balance. However, few volleyball shoes cater to wide-footed people, which makes finding a compatible volleyball shoe stressful.

Sure, you can substitute with running or basketball shoes or go a size up or down to fit your wide feet.

However, this option will negatively impact your performance and make the feet uncomfortable. Below is our recommendation for the best men’s volleyball shoes for wide feet to look out for.

Features Of A Good Volleyball Shoe For Wide Feet

Selecting the ideal footwear for your volleyball play can be a little stressful. Regardless of if you are a beginner or beginner, knowing the features of good volleyball shoes will help you make a perfect choice. They include:


It’s essential to consider this when seeking new shoes. Having a stressed foot psychologically makes one feel exhausted. On the other hand, good cushioning makes players comfortable in their shoes.


As a result of the constant movement in all directions, stability is necessary for all volleyball players. In addition, a volleyball shoe with good ankle support will also help boost confidence to play actively.


This feature depends on how effective the footwear can keep the player’s foot dry and cool while playing. Some brands design shoes with vents or mesh to assist airflow. High-tech polyester is a good breathability material.


Volleyball players are continually in motion. Wearing heavy shoes could reduce their speed and prevent them from attaining the appropriate height when jumping. It is necessary to ensure the shoe is sturdy to survive continuous wear and light for quick moves.

Types Of Good Volleyball Shoes

Volleyball is a quick, physical sport based around agility, power, and rapid foot motion in the playing court. Whether you are a regular game player or a beginner, you will immensely benefit from shoes that meet your play needs. There are categories of volleyball shoes based on the player position, and they are:

Defensive Volleyball Shoes:

Defensive shoes have a high grip outsole for quick changes in movement around the court. They also have a low profile for comfort and speed. In addition, the shoes are designed to aid players with their impact shock absorption during takeoffs and landings.

Attack Position Volleyball Shoes:

These shoes are made of lightweight material and excellent cushioning to help you meet the jumping demands on hard courts. Its fitting also provides stability when moving in different directions without slipping.

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Volleyball Shoes Fitting And Sizing Guide

Purchasing fitting volleyball shoes isn’t exactly magic because making the wrong pick will cause you much pain and discomfort. Before you head to the store to buy your shoes, use the following tips below to figure your size.

Measure Your Foot:

To get started, get a piece of paper, pen, and tape. Stand on the paper and ensure your heel leans against the wall. Then, connect the tip of your longest toe to your heels with a drawn line.

To get your foot length in centimeters, measure the drawn line with the tape. The outcome is your foot length. You may also have to measure the other foot as they may differ slightly. For example, if the other foot is more extensive, you have to use the bigger foot to determine your size.

Consider Your Foot’s Width:

Shoes vary in width size, and you need to know yours to make the proper selection. Fasten the tape around the fullest part of your foot. The result is your foot width.

Check Renowned Brands For Your Shoe Size:

After getting your volleyball footwear size, you can check them out in the local store or browse through their website listings for a fitting match in length and width.

However, it is advisable to measure your feet after walking a full day, as it can increase your feet size slightly.

Best Men’s Volleyball Shoes For Wide Feet: Top 4 Reviewed

1# ASICS Men’s Gel-Rocket 8

Key Features

  • Forefoot gel cushioning system
  • Trusstic System Technology
  • Mesh material

Thanks to its low-top construction and design, the Asics Men’s Gel-Rocket 8 makes a perfect pick for wide feet. As a bonus, it gives stability, traction, and comfort to players. The delicate mesh material molds to your feet and enables a natural expansion. In addition, wide-footed users can say bye to discomfort with its sturdy and rigid fabrics.

The Gel technology in the midsole supports a natural heel-to-toe transition. This design also enhances comfort by reducing pressure during movement. Interestingly, the outsole come constructed from gum rubber material.

Hence, it provides excellent traction on wooden surfaces. Asics Men’s comes with a classical lacing style to protect your foot. Its synthetic panels also give lateral aid.

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  • Its gel cushioning system helps absorb shock during the playing period.
  • The lightweight sole encourages motion.
  • Flexible and breathable upper mesh material for wide-footed players.


  • It is slightly loose.

2# Mizuno Men’s Wave Lightning Z4 Mid Volleyball Shoes

Key Features

  • Extra grade rubber
  • Parallel Wave technology
  • Non-marking outsole

Wide-footed players can be at ease with this shoe. Regardless of your previous size, the shoe fits from heel to toe. The built-in wave technology helps reduce shock on your ankles and knees. The waves also prevent discomfort or pain on the foot after play.

XG rubber, of which the outsole is designed, is non-marking. Meaning it’s suitable for shock absorption. It has an outstanding grip on indoor grounds to prevent sliding and spillage on the court. Mizuno Men’s Wave Lightning Z4 Mid Volleyball Shoes is lightweight and would give you a firm fitting during games.


  • The wave technology relieves shock throughout the soles and provides excellent cushioning and stability.
  • The shoes offer grip and high traction on the floor
  • Dynamotion tech design removes distortion by relieving the foot naturally from stress.


  • They are pricey

3# Asics Gel-Netburner Ballistic MT Shoe

Key Features

  • Gel Cushioning technology
  • Fluid Ride Midsole
  • NC Rubber Outsole

The shoe provides stability and comfort for people having wide feet. The upper design of the foot form is built with synthetic materials to give your feet a secure and snug fit in the volleyball shoes. Shoes can adjust to your wide feet because of their upper stretch and flexibility.

At the midfoot stays the arch support and enhanced torsion stability because of the Trusstic system midsole. Without impacting the structural build of the shoe, the system also unburdens the sole weight.


  • Excellent arch support that makes you comfortable during and after play.
  • Forefoot and rearfoot gel cushioning technology for impact absorption.
  • The shoe has good cushioning that supports a bounce back.


  • The shoe has a low-quality insert.

4# Mizuno Wave Tornado X Shoe

Key Features

  • Infinity wave technology
  • Extra grade rubber
  • Non-marking outsole

The Mizuno Men’s volleyball shoe is built from premium material. It’s a tremendous indoor volleyball shoe with remarkable durability and firm grip. The shoe contains the infinity Wave Technology that gives excellent comfort by securing your heel area and forefoot.

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The sole wave functions by dispersing the shock across the sole area. The design also enables your wide feet to fit comfortably in the shoe.


  • Relieves foot from stress associated with having wide feet. The shoe provides excellent traction and grip.
  • Shoes are made air-free to keep the feet warm and dry.


  • The right arch does not provide ideal support.

How To Choose A Volleyball Shoes: Buyer Guide

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Does The Price Of Volleyball Shoes Vary?

The inbuilt technology impacts the price. The more advanced the technology, the more costly the volleyball will be due to greater comfort and cushioning. Plus, the shoe will have a better grip and last longer. The brand is also another factor. Shoes from notable brands like Nike, Asics, Mizuno have competitive prices, while unpopular brands may be cheaper.

Are Volleyball Shoes Suitable For Other Sports?

Since volleyball shoes share some basic features with shoes built for other sports, they can be used. Basketball shares the closest relation. Not because of thplayingay surface alone, basketball exerts pressure at the feet, requires quick movement and well-cushioned shoes. The same goes for netball, squash,h, and badminton.

Tennis has an exception because it is usually played outdoors on a rough surface, which means Volleyball hoes won’t be ideal for tennis.

How Best Can You Clean Your Volleyball Shoes?

Preventing dust and dirt from entering is one of the best ways to keep your shoes clean. You can save a damp cloth at arm’s reach to enable you to give them a swift clean when necessary. Also, ensure to wear your shoes indoors, as this will make them last longer and prevent dirt.


Whether you are a player with flat feet or bunions, it’s challenging to find volleyball shoes for wide-footed players. Reviewed above is our top pick for the Best Men’s Volleyball Shoes for Wide Feet. Hopefully, wearing them will reduce the pain and blisters caused by wearing tight shoes.

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