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Kids Shoe Sizing Guide with Conversion Chart

Ever faced the struggles of finding the right shoes for your little ones? You find fanciful footwear, but they run in small. This may seem pretty challenging as you search for shoes that fit, comes in stylish, and function well. Nevertheless, you can depend on this shoe sizing guide to help you pick the right shoes for your kids.

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How to Get the Right Shoe Size for Kids

Before you get that stylish shoe from the store for your child, it would be best if you confirm its size. Shoes should fit kids properly to avoid issues that may cause severe pain for their feet. But, how do you determine your child’s shoe size? You can follow these steps below:

Measure the Feet

It is pretty crucial to get the child’s feet measured, as doing so would ensure you get the perfect shoe size. First, get a sheet of paper and let the child stand barefooted on the sheet. Kindly take close precautions, ensuring kids stand erect when you need to measure their feet.

Then, get your pencil and trace their foot on the paper, going around the heels and toes. Once done, get a measuring ruler, and get the measurement from the end of the child’s largest toe to the heel.

Often, you would find one foot getting larger than the other; thus, it would help if you measure both feet. What to do if you find one foot larger than the other? In most cases, the difference isn’t much, but you should get shoes taking note of the larger foot size in mind.

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Add More Room to the Measurement

Kids often outgrow their shoes quickly, and soon after purchasing a pair, they may not fit right anymore. So, you should add to their feet measurement for “growth room.” Parents add 0.5 cm to 1.0cm for their babies and 1.0cm for toddlers and the bigger kids in most cases.

Match the Total Measurement

After adding the “growth room” measurement to the feet measurement, you find the shoe chart in stores. With this, you can quickly navigate the right shoe size that fits the child. Below is a standard shoe chart that you can use for this purpose.

Kids Shoe Sizing Chart

US Shoe SizeUK Shoe SizeEU Shoe SizeFOOT LENGTH (mm)
43 19115
Kids Shoe Sizing Chart


Shoes are excellent for keeping your child’s feet protected as they start getting active. Footwear also makes them appear stylish, as they fit in their little feet. Nevertheless, it would be best if you get the right size of shoes for your little ones. You can check out this kids shoe sizing guide to help make a better choice.

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