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Do I Need Special Shoes for Tennis? (Explained)

Many people think that special tennis shoes are not necessary because any pair of tennis shoes can be used for playing tennis. This is not the case! You’re generally focused about finding the right tennis racquet initially. As someone who gets blisters regularly, He started taking his shoe game more seriously.

So, do you need special shoes for tennis? Yes, it is highly suggested to wear proper tennis shoes playing tennis. Every professional player, even those that play only once a week, will have a set of shoes particularly tailored for tennis.

Why are special tennis shoes made?

Tennis Shoes have different types of soles which affect your game. Lets learn more about them…

Cushioning: Tennis Shoes are made with different levels of cushion, or shock absorption in the heel area. The thicker the padding, the more impact will be absorbed by your knees and feet when you land after jumping on hard surfaces.

Flexibility: Flexibility is important to consider because it affects how well your feet can bend when you land from a jump. Flexible shoes require less energy to run in and the lower-ankle cutouts allow your feet to move more naturally. They can be great for players who have high arches, but they may not hold up as well over time when running from side to side on hard surfaces.

Stability: Tennis shoes have a wider base designed to hold your feet in place and control side-to-side movement on hard surfaces.

Supportive: One of the major aims of a running shoe is to be as lightweight as possible—a factor that makes the runner speedier, but also comes at the price of durability. Tennis shoes are generally free of such constraint. While the aim of the player is still to be fast, the premium is placed on endurance.

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How do you know what pair of tennis shoes to buy?

My advice is just trial and error. You won’t truly know which shoes you like over others until you play a few rounds of tennis in them and compare. This may be annoying because every person’s foot is different and tennis court shoes do contain a range of features as well.

You might have wide vs narrow, sturdier, lighter, higher arching, etc. I’ve definitely discovered which shoes cause me more blisters and which shoes seem to wear out faster for me.


Q. Can you wear tennis shoes off the court?

A. While tennis shoes may seem like walking shoes, it is not a good idea to wear them off the court. Remember that the greatest value of a tennis shoe lies in its sole. The more you use them, the sooner they’ll wear out. To get the most out of your tennis shoes, you should attempt to wear them solely on the court.

Q. How can I pick the proper shoe for the type of court that I play on?

A. It is true that every playing surface is unique. While this does not imply the average player needs a closet full of shoes for every occasion, it does mean you may be smart about what you buy. Hard and clay courts benefit from a little bit more cushion, while grass courts need a little bit more grip from the sole.

Q. Can I use any shoes for tennis?

If you’re one of those players who prefers to play tennis in running shoes, you should wear whichever shoe makes you feel the most comfortable and allows you to play your best tennis.

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Q. Can you use running shoes to play tennis?

Running shoes are pretty bad idea. they are intended for the feet to role forward, which is not a good thing in tennis because balance is more essential than forward movement. the closest substitute for tennis shoes are probably basketball shoes

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