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What Shoes to Wear with a Shirt Dress?

Shirt dresses are comfortable and trendy clothes you should have in your closet. But do you know which shoes to rock with your shirt dress and look cute and classy? Here are the best shoes to put on with your shirt dress for any function and be attractive.

Recommended Shoes to Wear with a Shirt Dress


Do you like sandals? If so, don’t fear putting on your best pair of sandals with a shirt dress. Sandals, apart from being comfortable, will make you cute and fashionable. This combination is a perfect pick for summer when you don’t want to strain your feet on closed shoes because of the heat. When choosing sandals for your shirt dress, ensure they complement each other and make you be the center of attraction. Gladiator sandals will, in this case, give you that desired look.


A beautiful pair of wedges and a shirt dress is a kill for that sexy look on any day. Wedges will help you boost your height while also protecting your legs from the imbalance that comes with shoes like heels. In addition, wedges will not limit you to any function as long as you perfectly choose the colors and prints that match your shirt dress.

Ballet Flats

Another type of shoe that rhymes with a shirt dress is ballet flats. These are savior shoes most women can’t miss in their closets as they are comfortable and stylish.  Since ballet flats come in different styles, colors, and materials, you’ll have a variety to choose from that works well with your shirt dress. What is good about these shoes is that they help you achieve that formal look while relieving you from the discomfort of heels. Additionally, these shoes can’t limit you as they’re fit for those who work in offices that entail more movement and are also good for a day out. But don’t forget to play along with colors and prints to get that stylish, chic look.


Heels and shirt dress for a night out or office meeting? Yes, the two will allow you to attend any occasion at any time of the day. However, you need to go for a comfortable pair of heels that will not strain you while trying to achieve that sexy look. You can settle for chunky heels to get fewer effects from the shoes while keeping that casual chic look.


Booties are fit for any season and match well with a shirt dress for any function. You can try the wedgy booties or heels booties in different colors that tone down the shirt dress. You can also settle for slip-on booties or laced booties and pull heads toward your direction.


For that street, look sneakers will be a good choice for your shirt dress. But note that these are not sporty sneakers but canvas sneakers that give the combination a casual look. However, the color of the canvas sneakers depends on the color of your shirt dress too. This will enable you to match and tone down the look with ease. When you put on white sneakers and a shirt dress you can go for a date at the park with your girls. This combo is good for a busy day at the office when you’ve got to walk around a lot.

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Can I put on cowboy boots with a shirt dress?

You can wear your shirt dress and cowboy boots and rock the streets anytime you feel like it.

Will I look good if I add a jacket to my shirt dress and boots?

No. doing this will enable you to enhance the look and also protect yourself from cold. A denim jacket will, in this case, be a good choice.

Will combining a hat shirt dress and sandals make me look old fashion?

This look is good for a day along the beach or during summer when you’re protecting yourself from sunburns.

Where can I buy the best pair of shoes for my shirt dress?

If you don’t have any of the above pairs of shoes but want to look stylish and smart, check for them online or in any shoe store around you.

Bottom Line

Don’t limit yourself to certain types of shoes when putting on your shirt dress. Instead, try on different pairs that you’re comfortable in and attend that function with that bold look on your face.

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