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Why Do You Wear Crossfit Shoes While Exercising?

Shoes designed for crossfit are specially made to suit the needs of this kind of exercise. They offer stability, grip and padding that prevents injury . There is a very good reason why you should invest in these types of shoes, even if you do not feel like it at first. The truth is that most people who practice crossfit do not wear shoes that are suitable for this kind of exercise. This is a big mistake and it’s one that puts you in a vulnerable position, especially when you’re just starting out.

So, Why Do You Wear Crossfit Shoes While Exercising?

To begin with, there has been a lot of debate about the fact whether or not crossfit shoes should have elevated heels or flat soles.

#1. As it turns out, most crossfit shoes are designed with flat soles that offer extra stability and grip when you’re working out. but there is something else that makes them stand out from your regular sneakers or running shoes.

#2. Crossfit shoes always feature an elevated heel because the exercises themselves require the athlete to jump, perform squats and push-ups and the elevated heel provides more support and reduces the chances of suffering an injury . This makes it easier to maintain perfect balance while you’re exercising.

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