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Why Do I Need Special Shoes for Skating?

A new skateboarder might be a bit confused about what shoe they should wear. Many people will just grab some tennis shoes or some Vans and head on down to the local park with their friends, only to have those shoes destroyed in just one day. In this article, we’ll go over the basics of what type of shoes work best for skateboarding, and why.

Skateboarding was founded when surfers in California needed a way to stay active in the off-season. Many people had pools in their backyards that were starting to collect dust after the summer months, so they began skating instead! This quickly lead into an extreme sport, with people skating down large hills and performing stunts along the way.

Why do I need special shoes for skating?

One of the most important parts of skateboarding is your shoes. The grip provided by a good pair of shoes will increase your balance and control which in turn will allow you to do more advanced tricks and stunts. Many skateboarders search for this perfect shoe which provides maximum grip while still providing comfort and good looks.

What type of shoes work best for skateboarding?

One of the most popular shoes used in skateboarding is Vans. Vans were originally made for people to wear while they went surfing, so they provide a good grip on the board and also add some style to your outfit; plus everyone loves their checkerboard slip-ons! If you’re looking for a great pair of shoes that provide good grip, look no further than Vans.

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Another popular shoe is Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers . These sneakers were also designed for surfers to wear at the beach, so they are perfect for skating; plus everyone loves their Chucks! If you want to check out these shoes go over to your local skate shop and pick up yourself a pair.

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As you can see, there are many good shoes to choose from; the main thing is finding something that looks cool and feels comfortable on your feet. Once you do though, you’ll be ready to skate down hills like the pros!

Hope this helps anyone new to skating (or looking for a new pair of shoes)!

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