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How To Shrink Leather Shoes in Different Ways?

Hugging leather shoes are way comfortable on the feet than the loose-fitting ones. However, there are times you’ll have bigger leather shoes after buying from an online shop or not trying them on before coming home. But what can you do in this case? This article is for you if you’ve got new leather shoes that don’t hug your feet properly. We’ll show you how to shrink your leather shoes without going to a cobbler.

Step To Step Guide on How to Shrink Leather Shoes

If you’ve got leather shoes, you won’t struggle much shrinking them as leather can change its shape due to external conditions. For example, extreme temperatures can make your leather shoes expand or shrink. But if you want to shrink your leather shoes, do the following:

Items you’ll require

  • Lukewarm water
  • Leather conditioner
  • A pair of socks
  • Hairdryer

# Use Lukewarm Water to Soak Your Leather Shoes

The first step of shrinking your leather shoes is to soak them. Fill a bucket with warm water so that the entire shoes can fit in with ease. Use a large bucket to give you enough working space. Then add rubbing alcohol to the water, which will help your shoes dry faster.

After that, immerse your leather shoes in warm water to avoid destroying them and maintain a favorable temperature. Let your shoes soak for about an hour and be saturated.

After that, soak your socks thoroughly in lukewarm water. Wear them, then remove your shoes from the water (after one hour) and put them on too. Don’t remove them until they both dry out, which can take hours.

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But if you’re not patient enough, use a hairdryer to speed the drying process. Use the hairdryer on the lowest heat and six inches away from your shoes. Move the hairdryer around the boots to help all the corners dry faster.

When your leather shoes are dry, apply an air conditioner to help restore the leather’s texture. Do this after taking off your shoes, then allow them to dry in the air.

# Shrink The Shoes with A Hairdryer

Another way you can use to shrink your leather shoes is by using a hairdryer. You’ll also need hot water when doing this, which will help wet the leather shoes. Spray or dampen the outer surface of your leather shoes with hot water.

Ensure your shoes are thoroughly wet as any dry part won’t shrink as you’d wish. If spraying, maintain a distance of 5 inches from the shoes.

Once the shoes are wet, use the hairdryer to blow-dry them at low speed. Hold the hairdryer 6 inches from your shoes, then make slow even passes over the shoes until they dry off. Remember, if you hold the dryer too close to your shoes, you’ll apply extra heat, which can spoil them.

Don’t forget to try on your shoes to test if they have become smaller. If any of them isn’t fitting, consider repeating the process to get the best results.

When satisfied with the size, apply leather conditioner on your shoes to protect them from peeling or cracking off when exposed to high heat afterward.

# Spray Water and Alcohol Solution

You can also use a mixture of water and alcohol to shrink your leather shoes. Get isopropyl alcohol from the pharmacy, mix it with water then place them in a spray bottle. Let water be 75% of the solution and alcohol be 25%, then thoroughly mix them up.

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Spray the mixture on your leather shoes on the upper part until wet. Put on the shoes to prevent them from losing their shape.

Give the shoes some time to dry off, which won’t take long as the alcohol will help speed the process. But you can give them a day to dry well. Afterward, apply the conditioner to get its initial sheen.

Bottom Line

Even though you can return your loose pair of leather shoes after getting the wrong size, sometimes circumstances can force you to shrink them. For example, when you don’t have a warranty. But that shouldn’t worry you, as the above steps can help you shrink your leather shoes with ease. When using any methods, don’t forget to allow the shoes to dry, then apply a leather conditioner to restore their initial look.

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