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How To Prevent Toe Holes in Shoes? Easy Tricks!

Most people have toe holes in their favorite pair of shoes, which makes the area wear faster, preventing you from adorning your best pair. However, there are ways to save your shoes from having these marks and enable you to use them longer. This is regardless of you frequently sliding your feet around this area in front of your shoes. But do you know how to do this? This article will help you with the right tips for preventing the toe holes, which can cause injuries if not careful about them. So, read on and learn more.

How To Prevent Toe Holes in Shoes? Lets See Few Options

# Put On Your Shoes with Special Socks

One of the best ways to prevent toe holes in shoes is to put on padded socks. This will protect both your toes and shoes from getting damaged. You can opt for the runners’ socks or any other pair of socks meant for this purpose.

However, you need to choose the ideal type that will be comfortable on your feet. For example, opt for breathable padded socks that won’t make your feet sweat much during the summer. Alternatively, you can put on several pairs of regular socks, especially during the winter when it’s freezing.

# Opt For a Shoe with Deeper Toe Box

Another better way to prevent toe holes in shoes is choosing a roomy and deep toe box. This will give your toes enough space preventing them from coming into contact with the upper part of the shoes as you walk. A spacious toe box will also reduce friction if your foot swells, covering up a bigger part of the shoes.

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# Use Corrective Insoles

Alternatively, you can use corrective insoles, especially if your toes are different sizes or in a unique shape. This preventive measure, popularly known as orthotics, will bridge the gap your foot might leave then wear it out as you walk. Orthotics are usually prescribed by doctors to those with walking problems and assist you in the right way.

But you can also buy the over-the-counter inserts to prevent your shoes from toe holes. Note that using orthotics or inserts requires you to have a larger shoe size than the usual one as they’ll occupy some space. And if not careful, you can end up causing wear on other parts of the shoes because of increased friction.

# Maintain Shorter Toe Nails

Even though this can be disadvantageous for those, who love longer toenails, it’s one of the best solutions to avoid having toe holes in your shoes. But just cut them to a desirable length that won’t make you uncomfortable or dig holes in the shoes. Maintaining short nails will reduce the chances of causing friction as they come into contact with the toe box. But ensure you cut them in a straight line to avoid ingrown toenails.

# Change Your Lacing Technique

If you’ve been lacing your shoes in a certain design, it’s high time you thought about changing it. A different lacing technique might save your favorite pair from toe holes which makes them look old and uncared for. If initially, your style was ‘heel lock,’ try the ‘heel collar’ method and save your shoes. Doing this will help you reduce friction whenever you’re moving as there will be no heel spillage. In return, your big toe won’t come into contact with the upper toe box preventing the tear.

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Bottom Line

Toe holes result from constant pressure on the toe box, which forces it to wear out. But they can form anywhere on the shoes depending on your shoe size. However, these are things you can avoid. To prevent this is better than fixing it. So, change your lacing technique, put on socks or use corrective insoles.

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