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Are Converse Good For Wide Feet?

Converse shoes are a huge trend in the fashion industry. They have been worn for decades, but they never seem to get old or boring due to their unique style and pop colors. Celebrities all over the world wear them and they’re seen on every street corner from London to Los Angeles. Although many people wear Converse shoes, there is a large problem. The shoe itself is known for being rather uncomfortable.

So, Are Converse Shoes Good For Wide Feet?

To be clear, if you have wider than average feet, Converse are NEVER going to be comfortable for you because they will never stretch around the width of your foot.

Are Converse good for toddlers with wide feet?

To be precise, Converse are good for your toddler with medium to wide feet but not works for children with too narrow or extra wide feet. Actually, It’s a fashion shoe, not specialize for any other high activities like sports or running. Read more about wide shoes for your toddler or children as I find, not all converse are good for wide feet.

Why Converse Not Really Good For Wide Feet?

The material the shoe is made from does not stretch and it tends to be very stiff when you first buy them. Even after they have been worn a few times, they still do not give in to the shape of your feet whatsoever, resulting in a rather uncomfortable experience. Another problem is the fact that it’s rather difficult to get the shoes on and off because there isn’t much stretch to them at all. As we know, everyone has their own problems with certain shoe brands and styles, but usually one thing rings true: no one likes buying new shoes. However, like many other people, you’re probably asking yourself this question: are Converse good for wide feet?

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Little Facts

Converse shoes are known for being worn by people of every age with every style. They come in a variety of colors and designs, but most importantly they carry sizes up to men’s size 15. This is great news if you have wider than average feet and struggle to find your perfect shoe fit. However, there is a narrow line between frustrating and amazing when it comes to shoes and Converse definitely fall under the frustrating category.

The Truth is

To be clear, if you have wider than average feet, Converse are NEVER going to be comfortable for you because they will never stretch around the width of your foot. The same goes for buying Converse shoes online. It’s not like most other shoe brands where if they don’t fit, you can easily return them. You probably wouldn’t want to buy something online that is custom made anyways, but the only way to ensure they are genuinely made wide enough is by trying them on in person at your local clothing store.

Even if Converse shoes are designed to be wide, that doesn’t mean they’re actually made with the correct measurements. There is always a chance that the design of the shoe just won’t work for your feet because it simply isn’t made to stretch around them. So when you go shopping, try on lots of different styles in order to find the perfect design that will actually fit your feet.


Are converse good for people with wide feet? Although there are many other Converse shoe styles that fit much better than others, they still won’t be comfortable unless you wear them in a little bit before making a decision on whether or not to buy them. In order for shoes to stretch properly and fit comfortably around your feet, you have to wear them for a little bit before making any final decisions. So, if you buy Converse shoes, be sure to try them on and give yourself some time to break them in. This way they won’t just end up sitting in your closet gathering dust!

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