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What Does GS Mean in Shoes? Explained

Have you ever come across shoes with letters or words written on them? Do such abbreviations have a meaning you should pay keen attention to before buying a pair of beautiful shoes you’ve seen? One of the common words you’re likely to come across in shoes is GS which can be confusing if you’re new in this sector. However, you should learn about several acronyms, especially if you like shopping online for shoes, to avoid confusion. So, let’s have a look at the meaning of GS in shoes.  

What’s The Meaning of GS In Shoes?

The word GS is a short form of ‘Grade School,’ which means the size of the shoes in relation to an average kids’ shoe size. This term is a specific modification for sneakers shoes from Nike and Jordan and generally refers to a smaller shoe size that can fit either a boy or girl.

In most cases, GS is the largest size of kids’ shoes that a toddler or preschool cant fit in. Since sneakers have enough room allowance for legs to grow than other types of shoes, you’ll not experience challenges when referring to an unspecific sizing chart but instead, have a rough idea of if the shoes will fit.

The GS shoe sizes start from 3Y and go up to 7Y and are equivalent to men’s size 7, with the main difference between the two being their quality and pricing.

GS SHOE SIZE CHART for both mike and jordan shoes


Why You Need to Know the Size of Your Childs Feet Before Settling for This Shoe Size

Although GS shoes have some reasonable allowance, you still need to know the size of your kids’ feet. Knowing this enables you to get the right shoe fit that doesn’t make your child uncomfortable while walking.

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To measure your child’s feet, you’ll require a ruler, pen, paper, and work on a flat surface and a wall. After that, carefully draw their feet on the piece of paper. You can then use the drawing to determine your child’s feet’ width and length, making you have the perfect shoe size.

When settling for your kid’s shoe size, ensure you consider how your kid will use the shoes. For example, is it for going to school or the park, and will they wear a pair of socks?

Do GS Shoes Only Fit Kids?

The best thing about these shoe sizes is that they can fit adults with small, slender feet. If you’ve such feet, you can go for the biggest GS sizes, which will help you save some costs as GS sneakers are cheaper than adult sneakers.

However, you need to know your feet’ length, width, and insole size to get a comfortable fit that will not leave you with blisters. Wrong shoe size can also interfere with your foot structure or bones, making you incur unwarranted expenses. But if you’re sure of your feet size, don’t hesitate to save some coins by buying the GS sizes.


 Is GS 7 Similar to Men’s 7?

The two shoe sizes have similar lengths. However, there are some differences between them. For example, the GS sizes start from 3Y to 7Y, while the men’s sizes start from 7.5. Also, the men’s sizes are meant for adult feet, while GS is for kid’s feet.

Is GS Size Only for Girls?

No. the GS size is a unisex shoe size fit for either a girl or boy.

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Can Adults Put on GS Shoe Sizes?

Yes. If you’ve slender and small feet, the larger GS sizes will fit you well.

What’s The Meaning of OG On Sneaker Shoes?

The word OG on sneaker shoes means original release. It shows show the shoe’s first date of release.

Bottom Line

You’ll not struggle to get the right fit shoe size for your kid if you know their shoe sizes. To achieve this, you’ve got to understand the meaning of abbreviations like GS, which stands for ‘Grade School.’ This is a shoe size for sneakers shoes for particular brands like sneakers, and it’s for kids.

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