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How To Dry Shoes With A Newspaper?

Wet shoes can be quite awful, as they keep the feet uncomfortable and start having a terrible smell. The major question lies around the right way to dry your shoes, as doing it wrong can damage the footwear. Newspapers can come in handy, but do you know how to dry shoes with a newspaper? Well, it’s not quite difficult, as slipping in some stuffed sheets would absorb the moisture.

Newspapers are the most common materials that people employ in drying wet shoes. It is among the least damaging option. The absorbent material can absorb the moisture after it is left inside the wet shoe for a short while. However, newspaper on white shoes is not recommended, as the ink might damage the footwear. Nevertheless, you can follow the guide below on how to dry your wet shoe with newspaper.

How To Dry Shoes With A Newspaper?

Does newspaper help dry shoes? Yes of course. It will need 5-6 hours to dry shoes completely. Here the right steps you need to do, please read carefully

Getting The Insoles Out

It would be quite beneficial to allow the wet footwear insoles to dry separately, which quickens the entire process. Please take out the insoles or cushion pads and keep them in a dry environment to dry. A window that has access to sufficient sunlight would be perfect. You can also keep the insoles close to a fan or an airy area to prevent mold growth and keep odors at bay.

What if the insoles of my shoes are not removable? Well, you can leave out this step and try placing the shoe in front of a fan to get as much moisture out. A good blowing would do the trick and reduce the moisture level in the wet shoe.

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Roll The Newspaper Into Balls And Stuff Them In The Wet Shoes

Get the sheets and start rolling them into balls using your hands, ensuring the size can easily fit your wet shoe. Are you thinking of how many sheets you can fit in a shoe? Two sheets would be sufficient for a single shoe. However, you can add more if you feel they are not sufficient to dry the shoe. Push the sheets as far as the toe box of your shoe, and you can keep shoving more sheets in till you feel satisfied.

Get The Damp Shoe Wrapped In More Sheets

It would help if your stuff about two – three layers of sheets and wrap the damp shoe in them for the top of the shoe. Kindly ensure that you warp the sheets tightly, and you can keep them in place using rubber bands. It would be quite beneficial if you don’t use newspaper with very colorful ink sections, especially for white shoes, to avoid stains.

Replace Wet Newspaper

Changing the newspaper sheets at intervals would help get the shoe dry faster. You can take out the sheets after two to three hours. If you notice the sheets still dry, you can leave them in the shoe, as replacing a wet newspaper is necessary. Note that it takes a few hours to dry your shoes using a newspaper, but you may leave the sheets overnight if your notice the shoe excessively wet.

Suggestion For Drying Or Cleaning Shoes For Different Brands

It is not suggested to dry shoes with a dryer, mostly for a long time. Read the sources carefully what the manufacturer says about it

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01. How To Dry Shoes Fast Without Newspaper?

You also can dry wet shoes without newspaper. You can use fan, shoe dryer or fridge to dry shoes fast at home.

Note: Please remove insole always whatever method you use.

02. How Do You Dry Shoes Quickly?

If you want to dry shoes very fast, use shoe dryer. But its a bit risky task, be careful when you use warm air flow; it will harm your leather shoes in higher intensity.

03. How Long Does It Take To Dry Shoes?

It depends on what method you will use. For example: Using Shoe dryer (15-20 minutes), fan (approx 2 hours), newspaper (5-6 hours), uncooked rice (approx 24 hours) etc

04. How Do You Dry Shoes In The Oven?

It can take 5-10 minutes but its not suggested to dry shoes with almost 100 degree Celsius, because your shoe texture can be destroyed losing the gum.

05. Is It Okay To Dry Shoes In The Sun?

Its not wise to dry shoes in direct sunlight, it may cause color change or shrink or loose glue. Air drying is suggested for every shoes manufacturer company but in absence of sunlight. Choose a shady spot if you want to do so. This is the best way to dry shoes.

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Wet shoes are bad news, and it is quite imperative to get them dry as soon as possible. There are various ways of drying wet shoes, but using newspapers is easier and safer. It absorbs the moisture without causing damages to the footwear. If you are searching for tips on how to dry shoes with a newspaper, you can peek through the expert tips provided in this piece.

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