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What is the Best Shoe to Wear with Walking Boot? – Top 5 Shoe Levelers

If you have a foot or ankle injury or just underwent surgery on either, a walking boot may be your companion for the next few months. Therefore, you need to be comfortable, and one way to enhance the comfort is to have a suitable shoe on foot with no injury.

Having a special shoe on the other foot facilitates a natural walk while ensuring that you don’t end up suffering from misaligned shoulders. It may be easier to get a walking boot, but can we say the same for the best shoe to wear with a walking boot?

What Shoes Do I Wear with a Walking Boot?

A walking boot tends to be higher than regular shoes. Therefore, if you wear them with ordinary shoes, the side with the standard shoe will be lower, hence body misalignment and discomfort if you try to walk.

The best option for the walking boot would be a shoe worn with a shoe leveler to match the height of the walking boot.

Usually, the leveler is packed as a single piece, just like the walking boot, because you will need one anyway. Most are also universal, suitable for both the right and the left feet. If you get a good match, keep the leveler and the walking boot for later use.

Best Shoe Leveler for Walking Boot

Shoe levelers allow you to use a walking boot and a regular shoe. Shoe levelers are basically the lower part of the shoe, with support straps that ensure that the shoe stays in place. The levelers allow the regular shoe to be high enough for the walking boot.

Let’s get onto a list of the most outstanding shoe levelers for walking boots;

1. EVENup Shoe Balancer/ Leveler

  • Size: xxx-small, 2x-small, x-small, small, medium, large, x-large
  • Weight: 8.78 ounces
  • Color: black with a blue outsole
  • Gender: unisex
  • Height adjustable: yes

This shoe stands out with its range of sizes, including kid sizes for kids using walking shoes. The best part is that this shoe is the improved version of the EVENup v2 design, already impressive.

Fundamentally, the shoe balancer allows you to wear a regular shoe comfortably with the high walking boot. Hence, it reduces body strain and fatigue during the short walks recommended with walking boots.

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The shoe leveler fitting is approximate, and you can use your sports shoe to get the proper sizing. It is suitable for both the right and left feet and can be worn comfortably by men, women, and children. The straps at the top are adjustable to allow for a range of shoe sizes and shapes.

Most importantly, the balancer height is adjustable, accommodating different walking boot heights.


  • Height adjustment available
  • Available for kids and adult sizes
  • Prevents knee and joint pain and strain


  • Only available in one color

2. Procare ShoeLift Shoe Balancer

  • Size: small, large
  • Weight: 6.38 ounces
  • Height adjustable: no
  • Color: black and white
  • Gender: unisex

When you are looking for outstanding traction in a shoe leveler, this option from Procare will not disappoint you. It has a sturdy rubber bottom, which is non-skid and prevents slippage.

Moreover, the shoe balancer provides a 1-inch lift, balancing the leg length when wearing a walking boot to prevent strain and instability.

You can wear the shoe balancer on either the right or the left foot, as the design is universal. Better still, the design ensures that the leveler accommodates both men and women efficiently.

Finally, it comes with a single hook and loop, securing the straps for ease of adjustment and a secure fit. It is easy to wear and remove the shoe, allowing you an easy time even with a painful injury.


  • Exceptional traction to prevent slippage
  • It prevents strain and facilitates stability
  • Universal fit design


  • Only available in two sizes

3. iGuerburn Shoe Balancer for Walking Boots

  • Size: small, medium, large
  • Weight: 7.05 ounces
  • Height adjustable: yes
  • Color: black
  • Gender: unisex

This is a fantastic choice if you are looking for a shoe lift that makes it difficult to even notice that you have a walking boot when walking. It has two height adjustments, which ensure that you get the closest fit to your walking boot height.

Primarily, the shoe balancer keeps your body in alignment and prevents limping. This goes a long way toward saving you from back, knee, hip, and shoulder pains. It also allows you to have a naturally straight walk.

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Even better, the shoe has a slip-resistant bottom, enhancing traction and preventing a dangerous fall during the injury period. With a hook and loop closure system, the shoe is easy to attach to the shoe and adjust firmly.

Universal, you can wear the shoe on either the right or the left foot. It also has a unisex design, hence suitable for men and women.


  • Features height adjustments for better fitting
  • Keeps the body in alignment
  • Sufficient bottom traction


  • The straps are shorter for wider feet but replaceable with velcro straps

4. Healvaluefit Shoe Leveler

  • Size: small, medium, large
  • Weight: 1.59 ounces
  • Height adjustable: yes
  • Color: black
  • Gender: unisex  

If you have wide and large feet and finding it difficult to get a proper; leveler for your shoe, you should try this model from Healshoevalue. It runs a size larger, which makes it an excellent fit for large feet.

The shoe lift goes an extra mile to come with a height adjustment, with one being half an inch and another one inch. If your walking boot is still higher, the shoe comes with a removable top pad to top up the height.

On top of that, the shoe lift efficiently traps the shoe in it, saving you from knee, hip, and joint pains. Once you put your shoe in place and ensure that the velcro straps are snug, they will stay in place.

Whether you need the leveler for the left or right foot, it will come in handy. It also features a design suitable for men and women.


  • Suitable for large and wide feet
  • Provides height adjustments for different walking boot heights
  • Easy to install and remove


  • The velcro straps are pretty loose for smaller shoes

5. Ergoactives Level-Up Shoe Balancer

  • Size: small
  • Weight: 1.2 pounds
  • Gender: unisex
  • Color: black
  • Height adjustable: no

Other than playing the role of a leveler, this shoe balance can act as a comfort shoe for the foot with a cast or bandage. It is therefore multipurpose, which makes it unique.

Top-quality, this shoe has topnotch traction and anti-slip features that keep you safe. And while its designed height might not exactly match your specific walking boot, it bridges a sizeable height difference.

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Made o prevent body misalignment when wearing a walking boot, the shoe allows you to have a natural walk. More importantly, it will prevent you from creating an extra problem that comes with misalignment during walking, such as joint and knee pains.


  • Acts as a leveler and a cast or bandage shoe
  • Impressive traction
  • Facilitates body alignment when one has a walking shoe


  • Only available in the small size

Factors to Consider When Buying a Shoe Leveler for Walking Boot

  • Size: Ensure that you get a size whose shoe size range covers your shoe size. The different shoe leveler sizes each take on several shoe sizes. Even when your shoe is on the lower end, at least you won’t look weird in the shoe leveler. Besides, you can consider shoes with adjustable straps instead of hook and loop to ensure more comfort and shoe support.
  • Closure System: A shoe leveler should have a robust closure system that holds tightly or snugly onto the shoe. It should be able to keep the shoe in place during your short walks.
  • Traction: you don’t want to get a fall that leads to another injury or worsens your foot or ankle injury, right? Therefore, getting a shoe leveler that has sufficient traction to prevent skidding is advisable. This is even serious when you have very smooth flooring.
  • Height Adjustment: A shoe leveler with height adjustment is better because you can customize it to suit your walking boot height. However, if you are sure of your walking boot height, you can get a shoe whose height is precisely the same or only slightly different.
  • Weight: The shoe leveler should be lightweight, given that all the bodyweight should be born by the ‘good’ leg. While traction is vital, a shoe leveler made of lighter material will better prevent additional weight on foot. It will also make it easier to offload the injured foot.

Wrapping Up

The best shoe to wear with a walking boot requires the assistance of a leveler. However, remember that even with the walking boot, we all have different needs. Consider your situation, boot, and needs to pick the most suitable shoe leveler.

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