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Are Crocs Non-Slip Shoes?

Crocs are common shoes you’ll encounter in all setups, with some people going with them to the beach or work. Most people also use crocs because of the nature of their jobs, like restaurant jobs, which require them to walk most of the time but be in comfortable shoes while attending to customers. Crocs are lightweight, flexible, breathable, and comfortable shoes you shouldn’t miss in your shoe collection. But are crocs non-slip shoes? This is something you need to know before buying these shoes to avoid accidents while walking in them. You can check on the labels on the crocs to determine whether they’re non-slip or not. Read on and learn more about whether crocs are non-slip or not.

Are Croc Shoes Non-Slip?

Yes. Crocs are non-slip shoes that are comfortable on the feet and can be used in different workplaces. Crocs are loved by health and restaurant workers as they enable them to move around with ease without slipping on slippery floors. However, not all crocs are slip-resistant, needing you to be careful when buying these shoes. This means you need to check on the labels on the crocs to determine if they are non-slip or not. Crocs without non-slip are not safe to use, especially on wet floors or in an area with chemical spillage, as you can trip and injure yourself on them.

How To Determine Whether the Crocs Shoes Are Non-Slip or Not

To be safe while using crocs shoes either at work or at the beach, you’ve got to ensure they’re slip-resistant shoes. Here’s a better way to know when the crocks are non-slip if it doesn’t have a label.

  • After realizing the crocs have no labels, the first thing you need to do is to check its tread. The shoes should have either hexagonal or round-shaped treads. Pay keen attention to the tread size and numbers, as this helps make the shoes more stable. A croc with several smaller treads offers more resistance on the floor, improving your stability while walking on them.
  • Apart from that, you also need to look at the crocs sole. A flat smooth sole will hold liquid or oil, making the shoes skid on smoother and wet surfaces. So, it’s advisable to go for a round-shaped sole to reduce the chances of tripping.
  • Don’t forget to have a close look at the croc’s grooves. Anti-slip crocs shoes should have bigger groves on the sole that make them flexible. Grooves also help drain liquid from the soles instead of holding them, enabling you to walk through wet floors.
  • Additionally, you need to check if the crocs sole is rubbery or not. A slip-resistant croc should have a flexible and rubbery sole that sticks on the floor, preventing you from slipping. However, a rigid sole bottom will increase your chances of falling as it doesn’t hold the floors better.
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What If My Crocs Aren’t Non-Slip?

If you didn’t check your crocs before buying to ensure they’re non-slip, you don’t have to worry. In most cases, even the regular crocs have grooves and treads, making them safe to use on wet or smooth surfaces. However, you can also improve the crocs non-slip properties by walking on rough surfaces, making the sole rough and resistant.

Also, you can use puff paints to make the sole of the shoe non-slip. If not, that ice grips, which are heavy rubber with metallic grip, will help you save the situation, especially during winter.


Why Do Restaurant Workers Put on Non-Slip Crocs?

These professionals use the non-slip crocs to prevent accidents as the kitchen floors they work on are prone to have oil or water spillage.

Are All Crocs Non-Slip?

Not all crocs are slip-resistant. However, the crocs without slip-resistant properties are also safe and comfortable to use as they’re produced according to safety rules by the law.

How Much Does Non-Slip Crocs Cost?

The price of non-slip crocs depends on your location and the brand you’re to buy.

Can You Use Non-Slip Crocs in The Shower?

Yes. Since the bathroom floors get wet while you’re bathing, the non-slip crocs will prevent you from tripping.

Bottom Line

Crocs shoes come in different sizes and are available for all ages and gender. However, to increase your safety when using them, it’s advisable to go for the non-slip crocs.

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