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Adidas Supernova 2 Parley Review

The Adidas Supernova 2 Parley is a highly reviewed running shoe that offers comfort and durability. Made with Parley Ocean Plastic, it is environmentally friendly and stylish.

Perfect for runners looking for high performance and sustainability.

Why Choose The Adidas Supernova 2 Parley?

The Adidas Supernova 2 Parley is an excellent choice for runners who prioritize comfort and cushioning. Its design offers superior support and durability, allowing for a smooth and enjoyable running experience. What sets it apart is its environmentally friendly design, which incorporates recycled materials for a more sustainable approach.

With its enhanced cushioning, every step feels effortlessly comfortable, reducing the impact on your joints. The Parley version also features a stylish and attractive design, making it a great choice for fashion-conscious runners. Whether you’re a seasoned runner or just starting out, the Adidas Supernova 2 Parley is a reliable and eco-friendly option that will enhance your running performance while minimizing your carbon footprint.

Run with confidence and contribute towards a cleaner environment.

Key Features Of The Adidas Supernova 2 Parley

The Adidas Supernova 2 Parley boasts key features that set it apart. Incorporating Boost technology, it offers responsive energy return, propelling your every stride. The upper material is made from Parley Ocean Plastic, helping to reduce environmental impact. With the Torsion System, the shoe provides stability and promotes smooth transitions while you run.

The Boost technology ensures optimal cushioning and energy return, making it ideal for long-distance runners. The Parley Ocean Plastic upper material gives the shoe a unique and eco-friendly touch. The Torsion System enhances stability while allowing for natural movement. Overall, the Adidas Supernova 2 Parley is a top choice for runners seeking comfort, performance, and sustainability in their footwear.

How The Adidas Supernova 2 Parley Performs On The Road

The Adidas Supernova 2 Parley proves its mettle on the road with its exceptional grip and traction on various surfaces. Its breathable and moisture-wicking properties make it a go-to choice for long runs. The shoe’s impact absorption technology minimizes fatigue, allowing you to go the distance without feeling drained.

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Whether you’re on asphalt or a trail, the Supernova 2 Parley provides reliable stability and support. Offering both style and substance, this shoe is perfect for runners who value performance and sustainability. With its innovative design and eco-friendly materials, Adidas has once again delivered a top-notch running shoe that ticks all the right boxes for both avid and casual runners.

Experience the next level of comfort and performance with the Adidas Supernova 2 Parley.

Comparing The Adidas Supernova 2 Parley To Other Running Shoes

The Adidas Supernova 2 Parley is a popular running shoe that stands out in comparison to other models. When comparing it to the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus, the Supernova 2 Parley offers enhanced durability and support. In contrast, when matched up against the Brooks Ghost, the Supernova 2 Parley emphasizes a sleek and lightweight design.

Lastly, the Adidas Supernova 2 Parley proves to be a great alternative to the Asics Gel-Kayano, as it delivers excellent cushioning and stability. Overall, the Adidas Supernova 2 Parley outperforms its competitors in various aspects, making it a worthy choice for runners looking for a reliable and high-quality shoe.

Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to performance with the Adidas Supernova 2 Parley.

Maintaining And Caring For The Adidas Supernova 2 Parley

The Adidas Supernova 2 Parley is a remarkable running shoe option for both casual and avid runners. To ensure the longevity of your sneakers, it is crucial to properly maintain and care for them. Cleaning instructions play a vital role in keeping your shoes in excellent shape.

Regularly give them a gentle wipe-down with a damp cloth to remove any dirt or stains. When not in use, storage is essential to preserve their shape and condition. Store them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

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To maintain optimal performance, it is recommended to follow a replacement guideline. Generally, running shoes should be replaced every 300-500 miles or when signs of wear and tear become apparent. By adhering to these guidelines, you can enjoy extended use and durability from your Adidas Supernova 2 Parley.

Customer Reviews: What People Say About The Adidas Supernova 2 Parley

Customers absolutely love the Adidas Supernova 2 Parley for its incredible comfort and perfect fit. Many users rave about how comfortable these shoes are, making them ideal for long runs and intense workouts. The shoes wrap snugly around the feet, providing excellent support and preventing any discomfort.

However, some users have raised concerns about the durability of the shoes, mentioning that they experienced wear and tear after a few months of use. Additionally, a few users have mentioned that the arch support could be improved for those with high arches.

Despite these critiques, overall, customers are highly satisfied with the Adidas Supernova 2 Parley. They highly recommend these shoes for their exceptional comfort and fit.

Where To Buy The Adidas Supernova 2 Parley

If you’re on the hunt for the Adidas Supernova 2 Parley, look no further than the official Adidas website. This is the best place to purchase these high-performance running shoes. If you prefer a more personalized shopping experience, you can visit your local running specialty store.

These stores often have knowledgeable staff who can guide you in finding the perfect fit. If online shopping is more your style, authorized online retailers are another great option. They offer a wide selection of Adidas products and convenient shipping options.

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Whether you choose to shop on the official website, at a local store, or through an authorized retailer, you can be confident in purchasing the Adidas Supernova 2 Parley.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Adidas Supernova 2 Parley Review

Is Supernova 2 A Good Running Shoe?

Yes, Supernova 2 is a great running shoe that provides excellent comfort and support.

Does The Adidas Supernova 2 Have Good Traction?

Yes, the Adidas Supernova 2 offers excellent traction for a secure and stable running experience.

What Is The Difference Between Adidas Supernova And Supernova 2?

The main difference between adidas Supernova and Supernova 2 is the updated design and improved technology.

Do Adidas Supernova Run Big Or Small?

Adidas Supernova shoes tend to run true to size.


Overall, the Adidas Supernova 2 Parley is a top-notch running shoe that offers a winning combination of comfort, support, and sustainability. The Primeknit upper provides a snug fit and maximum breathability, while the Boost cushioning system delivers exceptional energy return and responsive cushioning.

The shoe’s Continental rubber outsole ensures excellent traction on various surfaces, giving runners peace of mind during their workouts. Additionally, the Parley collection’s use of recycled ocean plastic materials is commendable, as it promotes a more eco-friendly approach to manufacturing.

Whether you’re a seasoned runner or a casual jogger, the Adidas Supernova 2 Parley is a worthy investment that not only enhances your performance but also supports a cleaner, healthier environment. Lace up a pair and experience the difference for yourself.

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